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54 Ways to Improve Your Content

ways to improve contentContent is everything online. Without it, we would just have domains with blank screens…and that’s no fun. So how do you improve your content?

We’ve reached a point where improving your content consistently is a necessity due to the overflow (of both good, and bad content) online. So to stand out, you have to be great.

This is what I like to call a “flow of consciousness” post. I just sat down and poured out this list in one sitting (so hopefully it makes sense :)).

Here are 54 ways to bring your content to the next level:

1. Set goals before writing
2. Identify your target audience and write to them
3. Tell a story
4. Create “resources,” not just blog posts
5. Make your content easy to read
6. Make your content findable
7. Make your content actionable
8. Make your content shareable
9. Ask for feedback
10. Speak plainly
11. Be brief
12. Use images
13. Use video
14. Use infographics
15. Use lists with bullet points
16. Use segments and sub-headings
17. Be positive
18. Or…be negative (call someone out)
19. Find a villain
20. Mention others
21. Interview others
22. Interlink your content
23. Try to evoke emotion
24. Write with black font on a white background (no need to get fancy)
25. Ask questions
26. Answer responses
27. Use metaphors
28. Talk about current events
29. Use meta tags
30. Have an inviting meta description
31. Don’t be afraid to use keywords within the content
32. Write for humans, then edit for search engines
33. Check what has worked, then repeat
34. Post your content to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
35. Post your content to groups on those social networks
36. Post your content to StumbleUpon
37. Develop a content schedule
38. Keep a content inventory
39. Invite guest bloggers
40. Guest post on other blogs
41. Use your real/human voice
42. Be honest
43. Be transparent
44. Be accessible
45. Create expectations
46. Exceed Expectations
47. Create attention-grabbing titles
48. Create regularly and often
49. Update old content
50. Use the inverted pyramid method of writing
51. Create a persona
52. Use strategic formatting (bold the important parts)
53. Be cross-platform friendly (mobile)
54. Have a strategy!

So what do you think? Have any that I missed? Do you do any of these?

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8 Responses to 54 Ways to Improve Your Content

  1. I absolutely love your post about “54 Ways to Improve Your Content” each tips you provided are very informative. I will apply your strategies to my content immediately. Thank you for sharing…

  2. Hi Eugene,
    What a fantastic resource you have here.

    This is exactly why so many people struggle with content. there’s so much to consider.

    The biggest thing that helps me is to write to one person. It’s the same as writing to my target audience which you have listed.

    i find one person in my mind to write to and the rest magically flows. It’s easier to write to one person than to everyone and solve everyones problems.
    Seems elementary but it was a turning point for me.

    • Sometimes the most effective strategies seem elementary. But that is only because they make sense. What’s not elementary, however, is discovering that strategy to begin with!

  3. Eugene,

    Great list of ideas here. Not only will these idea make your content stronger, but many of them will help generate the ideas so you never run out of ideas anyway.

    Someone just making their content more actionable and adding in videos and images alone (just 3 of your points) will find their content so much more enjoyable to the readers.

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