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  • In the early days of Content Strategy Hub I interviewed a number of experts in the areas of content marketing and content strategy. You can find the entire series here.

    One of the participants in that interview series was Joe Chernov.

    And today I have some more great info provided by Mr. Chernov through a video interview that he did with Software Advice.   Joe recently sat down to discuss the “sampler platter” of skills needed to thrive in the relatively new field of web content marketing.

    These are great tips for beginning (and first-time) content marketers, or someone looking to obtain a content marketing job.

    Here are a few of the points he emphasizes in the video:

    1. Be creative and understand good design. While you don’t have to be a designer, it does help to recognize both good and bad design. The way content looks goes a long way in shaping the way people perceive the information.

    2. Be a decent writer. While this one is pretty obvious, there are nuances to good writing. You should avoid buzzwords and use narrative, not coercion. You become a good writer when you are able to tell a story while writing in a tone, and voice, that resonates with the reader.

    3. Have good business judgement. Joe emphasizes paying really close attention to what your personal brand is saying about you and your business. If you Google your name, your personal brand should demonstrate sound business judgement before a hiring manager ever looks at your resume.

    4. Be brief. Writing should be concise and to the point.

    5. Be social media savvy. As Joe explains, just because you participate in social media, does not mean you are necessarily competent in social media. You can often take a cue from other brands that are successful by seeing what they do, what works and what doesn’t. Just being familiar with social media is a great start, but as a content marketer, you should now all steps.

    Here is the full video (originally posted on CRMSoftware.TV):

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