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B2B Lead Generation Manifesto [Infographic]

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Today I want to share a great infographic with you created by Unbounce titled “The B2B Lead Generation Manifesto.” But before jumping into the infographic, I want to discuss a few of the numbers that you will see in it that I found very interesting. And by interesting I really mean counter-intuitive.

“Payment Method”

The first number that really stood out to me is that 85% of people would rather provide their email address in return for an eBook, rather than paying with a tweet. Although I always look at any statistics skeptically, this number is so skewed that I think there’s probably some truth to it.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive to me because I view my email as more personal than Twitter (or paying with a tweet). And I feel like tweeting something out is less of an “investment” than providing my email address. But I could be alone in that.

Maybe the fact that a Tweet is more “public” makes the difference. After all, your followers will be able to see your Tweets, but emails go only to you.

In any case, I would rather collect an email than have someone tweet something out for me any day of the week. So this is great news. Of course, ideally I’d like to have both of those things happen :) .

Vendio: Increasing Signups

Another thing that really stood out to me was the Vendio example of increasing signups by “removing” the opt-in form form the landing page.

Conventional wisdom would state that you should make the form as accessible as possible; reduce the obstacles the visitor has to go through to sign up. However, Vendio achieved better results by doing the opposite.

This is actually a fairly new trend that seems to be working very well right now. Getting the visitor to take an action, like clicking a button to go to the next page, before seeing the form increases the likelihood of them signing up.

In other words, if they already took one action, they are more likely to take the next. In a similar fashion, good salesman will ask you questions to invoke a “yes” response. Because once you get in the pattern of saying “yes,” you are more likely to say “yes” to the sale.

Profitable Nurturing

And the last one I want to mention is the “nurturing” section of this infographic.

Nurtured leads, according to this, are actually more profitable than the alternative. They may not buy from you at first, but when they finally do decide to buy, they’ll buy more. 

Most people focus on obtaining the lead. But don’t ignore them once you have them. Just because they aren’t instantly ready to buy, doesn’t mean they won’t be down the line.


So those were just three things I quickly wanted to point out. Now lets jump into the infographic from Unbounce. What stands out to you?

B2B Lead Generation

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2 Responses to B2B Lead Generation Manifesto [Infographic]

  1. Steven Z. Moore says:

    I could imagine the selection of infographics I’d use for projects to make them really stand out — to persuade powerfully and communicate clearly. I couldn’t execute most of those infographics, though, because I am not a designer.

    • Eugene Farber says:

      I keep coming up with all these ideas for inforgraphics too. There’s obviously the option of outsourcing the creation, of course. You might be able to find someone very affordable. There’s also online tools that help you create infographics, as well as templates you can use.

      The thing is, after doing a bit of research, having a great-looking infographic definitely helps, but you can get a lot of traction with one that looks very amateurish as well.

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