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  • Boxshot KingAs CSH subscribers know, I like to keep a list of marketing tools that I call “The Marketing Toolbox.” It’s quite a lengthy list, and I very rarely actually write a review (in fact, this is the first one). But I recently added a tool that I think is absolutely awesome. It’s called Boxshot King.

    I think it deserves a lot of praise, so I figured I would write this.

    I received access to Boxshot King from Jack Born. There were no strings attached. He wanted nothing in return. But this software is so awesome that I had to write this Boxshot King review anyway.


    Because you can literally use it to create professional-looking graphics… in just minutes (seriously, you can click here to watch the video of a cover graphic being created in under two minutes).

    In fact, the image above was created in less than a minute using the software.

    But should you care?

    Do Graphics Really Matter?

    The short answer: absolutely!

    And they matter for two reasons…

    1) Studies have shown that having an image on a page increases trust.

    2) Studies have shown that when people distrust websites, over 90% cite design issues.

    In other words…

    Good Graphics = More Trust.

    Bad Graphics = Less Trust.

    And we want more trust. Increasing trust also increases conversions (which means more sales).

    This holds especially true when you are talking about the cover of the actual product being sold. On a personal level, I can’t tell you how many times I looked at an eBook cover and instantly decided I wasn’t going to buy it.

    Yes, I often judge books by their cover (literally). We all do. That’s why the saying exists in the first place :) .

    OK…But Why Boxshot King?

    It’s easy. It’s cheap. It solves a specific problem.

    We all know that the gold standard for graphics and design is Photoshop. But the fact is Photoshop costs and arm and a leg. Plus it has a significant learning curve.

    And unless you are a professional designer or illustrator, you just don’t need to splurge (or spend the time learning).

    I’m a typical man in the sense that instructions are a foreign language to me. The little booklet that comes in the box stays in the box

    Unless it’s Ikea furniture…it’s like Legos for adults…you need the instructions! If you want to put the thing together the right way anyway…

    So I was very delighted that I was able to log in for the very first time and have a brand new cover ready within a few minutes. The learning curve is practically nonexistent – very slight at most. And I’m happy to say that the eBook cover is being used live in the Kindle store right now :) .

    I also love the fact that Boxshot King knows what it’s supposed to do…and just does it. It creates professional-looking cover graphics. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    But what it does do, it does very well.

    In fact, there are 90 (yes 90!) cover templates to choose from covering pretty much everything you can imagine (DVD cases, CD cases, software boxes, spiral binders, notebooks, iPads, Kindles, membership cards and more).

    Who can Benefit from Boxshot King?

    If you are a publisher, digital product creator or just rely heavily on online promotions and content, then Boxshot King might be for you.

    As I already mentioned, I used Boxshot King for a Kindle book I recently published. I also used it for the graphic at the top of this blog post. And I plan on using it for training program I am currently working on.

    In other words, Boxshot King has just become a mainstay in my marketing tool arsenal.

    I don’t want to say that Boxshot King is for everyone. But if you create, sell and/or market with digital media and content, then Boxshot King is definitely worth checking out.

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