• Social Media ROI. Is social media worth the investment?

    While some companies are trying to figure out if they should invest in new media, others dove in head first and are now trying to figure out what the return on their investment is.

    I decided to throw together this short report to try to simplify the process. The actual calculation can be pretty simple. But the variables involved make it far from easy.

    On top of that, the question of ROI may not even be the right one to be asking. Yes, you want a return on your investment. But what can you be losing if you don’t invest (time or money) into social media? Maybe you are handing your competitors the advantage and losing out on customers.

    Either way, I know many companies are facing the burning question. So I decided to share this report (one I shared on my old site, but slightly altered). Enter your email below and get instant access to it…

    From time to time I give things away here at Content Strategy Hub. I try to provide resources that are truly useful. And for that reason I don’t keep them available forever. Unfortunately, that happens to be the case with this freebie. 

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