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Free Gift: Finding and Connecting with Your Ideal Clients

Content Strategy Consulting Contest

Content Strategy Consulting ContestNote: This post is part of my consulting services launch. 

To win a free content strategy consulting session worth up to $1,500, click here to enter the contestContest ends November 15th!

In the Content Strategy 101 series (link in the sidebar), I mention the importance of identifying your ideal customers.

Coincidentally, last month I took part in Tea Silvestre’s blog carnival. And the topic was…

“How to Find and Connect With Your Ideal Clients”

When all was said and done, the result was 11 great insights.

After the fact, Stella Anokam was generous enough to compile the efforts of all the participants into a value-packed eBook.

Thanks to her efforts, I can now provide you with the end product!

For the duration of the contest, this is completely free to you. No subscriptions and no promotion necessary on your part.

However, if you do feel so inclined, I would really appreciate a tweet or a share of this post.

Remember to check out the contest! It ends November 15th! Enter here!

Click here to get the free book!


Win $1,500 Worth of Free Consulting to Boost Your Business!

Content Strategy Consulting Contest

Content Strategy Consulting Contest

Most businesses have realized that creating a presence online is pretty much a necessity at this point. But just “being present” isn’t enough any more.

The internet is saturated and exponentially growing. To really stand out, and really succeed you need strategy that works.

Some people may prefer to go at it alone and face the learning curve. Others, however, don’t have the time or resources to go through the grind and try to figure out themselves.

That is where I come in. I am now offering consulting services through Content Strategy Hub. 

Whether you already have a content-filled site or haven’t even registered a domain yet, I can help (might as well get started on the right foot, right?).

The content strategy consulting packages cover the process from goal identification all the way through strategy formation and actual topic brainstorming/scheduling. Rest assured that you will have someone by your side through the entire process.

There are three different preset packages, but I understand that all business are unique, so please feel free to contact me if you don’t see something that matches your needs…we can talk about something that will.

To introduce these services to the public, I am holding a contest in which you can win a free strategy session for you and your business. Your read that right: FREE!

The Contest is only open for 2 weeks! The winner will be announced on November 15th! Don’t wait to enter…

This is your chance to get $1,500 worth of FREE consulting!

What You Win…

There is likely to be two types of people that join the contest.

The first is those that do not yet have a website and are trying to get started the right way. If this is the case, and you are the winner you will get…

  • WordPress Installation to simplify creating, organizing and managing your content. This includes the Headway Theme which will allow you to simply make changes (easily without coding) when I hand complete control over to you.
  • Installation of necessary plugins to make your WordPress a more effective content marketing machine
  • Identification of your business goals
  • A summary of at least 2 strategies you can implement right away to achieve your business goals
If, on the other hand, you already have a website and content,  you will win the following…
  • Identification of Business Goals
  • Content audit and inventory report for up to 50 pages/posts
  • A Gap Analysis
  • A summary of at least 2 strategies you can implement right away to achieve your business goals

How To Play…

Entering the contest is simple…

  1. Re-Tweet this Post (share buttons conveniently placed to the left :) ).
  2. Sign up with the form below
  3. This will take you to a page where you can click “Like” Content Strategy Hub on Facebook…click it!
  4. Answer the question asked of you on that same page
  5. Click the confirmation button that will be sent to you
  6. Wait to hear if you won!

Again, this contest is only open for 2 weeks! The winner will be announced on November 15th! Don’t wait, enter below!