Content Marketing Consultant: Avoiding a House of Lies

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Content Marketing ConsultantHiring a content marketing consultant can go a long way in the successful implementation of a content marketing process. But is content marketing consulting the right approach for your business?

It depends.

Of course cost is an issue. And when deciding whether or not to hire a content marketing consultant you have to take two things into account: time and money.

Operating on a shoe-string budget may mean that a content marketing consultant is out of the question. Of course, that means that if you want to include content marketing in your repertoire, you will have to spend the time to learn to do so successfully. This will likely involve a bit of testing, trial and error.

Of course, an alternative to hiring a consultant, or spending countless hours, is to see how others have implemented content marketing successfully and follow suit. That is why I created the Strategic Content Launch Pad; to show how I did it.

But let’s assume that you have weighed your options and decided to go the content marketing consulting route…

Avoiding a Content Marketing Consultant Who Builds House of Lies 

The Showtime show “House of Lies” is quickly becoming one one of my favorite things to watch.

If you haven’t seen it I’ll give you the premise. The show follows a team of management consultants through all of their deal-making and personal shenanigans. Throughout the show the main character, played by Don Cheadle, explains what management consulting is all about.

In short…it is about convincing companies to spend millions of dollars – that they can’t live without the consulting services – when it isn’t necessarily the case. The common theme being to have the companies retain them long-term.

And large companies are often too busy to see, or to deal with, the money flying out the window. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes (although I saw it in the IT consulting space, not management consulting).

I’m not saying that long-term arrangements are always terrible. That would be a very inaccurate generalization. But are long-term arrangements appropriate when it comes to content marketing consultants? 

Content Marketing Consultants Are Outside Help

It’s important to remember, especially in a field like content marketing, that content marketing consultants are outside help. And they should remain outside.

Why do I say especially in this content marketing?

Because the content a business creates is unique to that business. It should be about their story. Their brand. The idea behind their existence.

And no matter how well a content marketing consultant gets to know it, the consultant is still outside help. They will never understand the essence of the business because they aren’t living it every day. Am I getting a bit too new-age here? :)

In my opinion a good content marketing consultant will come in, learn about the company, report on a suggested process plan, help set it up, and get out.

Their job is to educate and help set-up the company for future success. Not hang out around for years. It is the company’s job to tell its story, because nobody knows it better.

The Other Side of the Coin…

I don’t want to paint a picture that all consultants are evil. They’re not; it couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty out there that truly want to help the business succeed.

And it isn’t always the consultant’s fault that they end up staying on an engagement longer than planned. The business has to do its part in the arrangement as well.

Having that outside help feels like a safety net. There is someone there to hold you hand. But quite honestly…there is only so much a content marketing consultant can do. Then you have to run with it.

So what do you think? Is a content marketing consultant right for you? Contact me…let’s talk!

Or, if you want to learn how I launched my business using the power of content, pick up a risk free copy of Strategic Content Launch Pad today! 

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