The Real Secret to Optimizing Your Content

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  1. Murray Lunn

    The big problem, like you had mentioned with the email, is that anyone with a long-standing website has been affected in some way or another with this update.

    The biggest problem is that we have websites that have been receiving backlinks from scraper blogs, directories, and low quality websites because they are automatic – we can’t choose to put them on there and it’s often hard to have the links taken down.

    One of my sites constantly gets scraped by auto blogs so I’m certainly getting a lot of “bad backlinks”. What’s frustrating is that it’s so out of my control yet I still get in trouble for it (traffic is quite down).

    Hopefully Google can get this sorted out but as you’ve noted – go for the user first and foremost. Just sucks that there are things still out of one’s control.

    • Eugene

      Yeah, it’s really quite a shame. I remember reading a discussion about this, as I mention in the post, and the consensus was that this could never happen. And it made sense to me. So I didn’t worry about it. This is pretty astonishing quite honestly.

      Of course I say that focusing on the user is the important part here, but that’s easier said than done…especially if the user is using Google to find the content! I usually could not care any less about Google Updates, and I haven’t been affected by this one (much), but this one just makes me unhappy because it opens up more doors for shady tacticians.

      • Murray Lunn

        Yeah, definitely. Remove your own websites from the mix and it’s everyone that it affects.

        Mom & Pop shops that were playing it straight got smacked around and so these businesses are being hurt.

        General search queries are popping up bad, outdated information which hurts people doing research.

        The list goes on and on. Hopefully things will get settled soon but it has certainly made me a bit more in-tuned with what Google might be doing in the future.

        • Eugene

          The problem I see with the mom and pop scenario is that many have no idea what SEO really entails. They outsource it to companies that are supposed to be experts. But they just practice shady tactics to get the quick result.

          And you can’t really blame them either, I suppose. It worked, so they did it. And it’s easier to get paid if you can show quick results.

          Whenever I do any sort of optimization for someone I explain to them that results are very unpredictable, and to see REAL results takes time. People get really turned off by that.

    • Tho Huynh

      If your websites are damaged from bad links that you don’t even know, you can report to google for a reconsideration. However, it takes lots of time and sometimes, the giant search engine simply ignore your request.

      • Eugene

        Yeah, reporting to the search engines is just another headache. It’s a shame that that might be the only option.

        I’ve read plenty of opinions about how the penguin update doesn’t “punish” bad backlinks, but rather just “neutralizes” them. I don’t think that’s completely accurate…I’m pretty sure there’s some level of punishment going on.

  2. Jens P. Berget

    Hi Eugene,

    I have been reading about the new Google update, and even though I have been reading about how our competition can actually do things that will have a negative effect on our SEO, I still find it hard to believe that Google didn’t think of this. It’s just too stupid, if it was this easy to hurt your competition :)

    On the other hand, I absolutely agree with what you’re saying. We can’t control what Google are doing, so we should focus on what we can control, and what we know will work – always. And like you’re saying, high quality content will always be preferred, and we should write for people. That’s why we are writing in the first place, and from what I’ve read, that’s always going to be Google’s priority as well, to help people find the best and most relevant content :)

    • Eugene

      I found it hard too…but then I got the email promoting a product telling you to do just that. Although someone promoting such a shady tactic could possibly be promoting it even if it doesn’t work :) .

      Unfortunately there will always be people that will try to game the system. Even more unfortunate is that we, as writers and marketers that are doing things right, may be effected by the actions of those that don’t.

      But doing things right should get you to your goals in the end :) .

  3. Jo Marsicano

    Touche, Eugene.

    You put this so nicely. Thank you for a simple, relevant message. I’m going to promote this article on my social media channels.

    • Eugene

      Thanks so much Jo!

  4. Kris Olin

    Great post Eugene! I used to do some Submitterbot things in the past, but based on these new Google changes, it might actually be harmful. Great, one less thing to do!

    • Eugene

      Lol, yeah. I’ve taken part in a few link building things in the past. But honestly nothing has ever given me better results than just good old-fashioned on-page optimization. And social sharing is become bigger and bigger – at least as far as Google as concerned (but that’s really what anyone cares about, isn’t it? :) ).

      • Kris Olin

        Absolutely! I wish I had bought those Google shares when they were still affordable! :)


    It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jeevanjacobjohn

    Hey Eugene,

    You are right, we should focus more on what we can control rather than on things like SEO. These days, I don’t do any optimization for my posts (I guess that’s a bad move; I should probably do that when I get the time). Right now, I am more focused on commenting and social media – I have got great results from both sources, I am just going to try experiment with these techniques and see what I can get out of it.

    Thanks for the post, anyways,


  7. Eugene

    That’s not a bad approach. If you’re driving traffic through social media then you don’t have to rely on the search engines (and risk getting punished with another algorithm update). I think doing a minimum level of optimization is still a good thing to do though (tags, description, etc.).

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