Content Strategy

An Introduction to Creating Content…

And Having Your Content Work for YOU!


If you are running a business and/or trying to create an online presence you’ve probably heard a lot about creating content.

And rightfully so.

Content can do a lot for you. It can attract visitors. It can turn visitors into customers. It can turn customers into loyal customers. And it can turn loyal customers into evangelists for your brand.


The Problem

There are so many options for content formats, topics and distribution channels, that it can easily get confusing.

Many businesses don’t know where to get started – pumping out content for the sake of pumping out content with no rhyme or reason. Taking a quantity over quality approach.

Quantity, of course, is important. But that doesn’t mean more is better.

Content should be more than just words on a page, trying to rank in search engines, and promoting your product.

Content is the road map to driving your business to online success.

Just creating any kind of content may have worked 10 years ago, but that ship has sailed. You need to have a goal. And you need to have a strategy.


Getting Started: Content Strategy 101

Content Strategy 101 is a brief overview of the content strategy process and its steps.

If you are struggling to create content that converts and helps you achieve your business goals, or you are just getting started in the world of online content, this series will give you a basic understanding of what goes into a good content strategy.