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    As 2012 comes to an end I want to take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed. This is also the perfect opportunity to spot some patterns so that you can go into the next year with better plan.

    I figured a small part of this would be to take a look at the most popul
    ar posts from 2012. The following is the top 10 most popular posts in terms of traffic (listed from highest to lowest amount of traffic).

    The Top 10 Posts of 2012

    1. Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide

    This is one of the longer posts here at Content Strategy Hub. It is also focused at a topic that is very timely and popular right now. It isn’t very surprising to me that it is the most popular post of the year.

    According to the Sharebar stats, this post has gotten 121 Tweets, 99 Facebook Shares, 15 +1s on Google+, and 26 LinkedIn shares.

    2. 29 Brilliant Minds Share Uncommon Content Strategy Advice

    This is actually one of the “launch” posts that I published at the end of the 2011 – back in the very early days of Content Strategy Hub. However, it was still one of the most popular posts of the year.

    The thing to note here is that the social media play that this post received was much higher than the highest-traffic post (at least on a couple of the networks). Time is a factor, of course, as this post has had more time to accumulate social media shares.

    The other factor is that this was a group interview with some pretty big names. One share from a participant can have a domino effect.

    According to the Sharebar stats, this post has gotten 205 Tweets, 30 Facebook Shares, 11 +1s on Google+, and 121 LinkedIn shares.

    3. [Infographic] How to Jump on the Content Marketing Bandwagon

    This was a surprise for me. The post was mostly an infographic that I shared along with a plug for my book: Strategic Content Launch Pad.

    Yet it was #3 in 2012 in terms of highest traffic on the blog.

    What’s more surprising is that the post didn’t get shared a lot according to the Sharebar numbers. Of course, these might be a little screwy. But I was would assume that they would be slanted in the same manner on every post. So the extremely low numbers surprise me considering the traffic.

    This tells me that the traffic had to be mostly due to my own promotional efforts…and that people love to look at infographics. But we already knew that.

    4. The Most Effective Piece of Content (From 24 Experts)

    After the success of my first interview series during the blog launch, I decided to go for round two.

    Again, this interview series included some big names like Mark Schaefer, Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, Erika Napoletano, David Meerman Scott, etc, etc.

    While not attracting as much traffic as the other I listed above, this was still a popular one.

    5. 54 Ways to Improve Your Content

    This was a brain-dump post. I sat down and quickly listed out whatever popped into my head in terms of ways that people can improve their content for marketing purposes.

    I know for a fact that list posts get a lot of attention. And the fact that I have 54 ways in the headline was sure to draw a lot of attention.

    The thing to keep in mind about list posts, however, is that they might be great for drawing attention, but they aren’t the best for driving action from your visitors.

    Again, the Sharebar stats seem to be a bit screwy here; showing 0 shares across the board. I know for a fact at least on person shared this post :) .

    6. Three Specific Problems Content Marketing Solves

    This was a post I published back in March of this year addressing marketing problems that can be solved by publishing content.

    Content marketing is a hot trend now, but for businesses just being introduced to the idea a post like this might be helpful. It’s a simple run down of how content marketing can help your business’ bottom line.

    7. The Role of Content in 25 Online Businesses You Know

    This was another installment of the second group interview I did on this blog.

    As you can see, interviews with bona fide experts do quite well. And when you get a whole group of them in one place, magic happens.

    8. Google+ Demographics: Is It a Waste of Time?

    In this post I shared two infographics. One was a comparison of Google+ and Facebook. And the other was statistics only about Google+.

    The key to the success of this post, I think, was not only the infographics (which seem to always help) but also the headline and topic.

    At the time, Google+ was getting a lot of focus as people were deciding whether or not it is worth spending time on yet another social network.

    The headline was divisive by design.

    9. Auditing Yourself! Performing a Content Audit

    This post is a bit of an anomaly on the list because of the traffic sources.

    Most of the traffic to this post came from search engines. So a lot of the traffic that came to see the post was targeted.

    However, a lot of the traffic wasn’t.

    A significant amount of the search traffic that came through the image search and landed on the post because of the image I used (and image optimization).

    Some of that image traffic may have been decent. But I’m going to assume that the vast majority of it was not targeted visitors.

    10. Why My Blog Doesn’t Get Many Comments…And Why I Don’t Care

    This was a post in which I describe some of the reasons why Content Strategy Hub doesn’t get very many comments. It also describes why I am perfectly fine with that.

    Ironically, this is the most commented-on post on the blog.

    Things to Keep in Mind

    In order to make a top 10 list I had to have a criteria. So I figured that traffic is as good a metric as any.

    However, it is a very flawed metric for several reasons.

    The first is that traffic, by itself, is very useless. As I pointed out, one of my posts received a significant amount of traffic from image search. These are likely not visitors that will ever turn into subscribers (or customers for that matter).

    It would be much more interesting to see which posts resulted in the most subscribers (unfortunately numbers that I do not have readily available to share with you today).

    The other thing to keep in mind is that the amount of promotion I did for each post listed above may have varied. So that may have skewed the results somewhat.


    The point of this list was to try to spot some patterns; takeaways I can use to strategize for the upcoming year.

    So here are a few quick lessons. These aren’t necessarily new lessons, but they are important to keep in mind nonetheless.

    On to 2013!

    To your success!

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