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Evil Marketing: Sneaky Way to Win an Election Using “Mind Reading”

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In my recent post about ad copy, I used a headline that said “Great Ad Copy Is…Evil?” And went on to explain…

The truth is, great ad copy isn’t about reality. [...]

It’s all about emotion. It’s about getting into the head of the prospect and making them feel [...]

Well ad copy is just a tool. And tools are really only as good or evil as the way they are used. You can sell something of value. Or you can use it to trick people.

And that goes for marketing in general.

You’re about to see how a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing when it comes to influence. All you need to know is exactly what your target audience wants, and they are putty in your hands.

I discuss a few ways that you can get into your prospects’ minds in this month’s issue of [CSH] Premium. You can still get your hands on it by the end of this week by signing up here.

So now…for your viewing pleasure…an exhibition of marketing to people’s desires:

Dave Wilson: Political Mischief Maker or Brilliant (Evil) Marketer?

Dave Wilson used some pretty tricky campaigning to win the election for a seat on the Houston Community College Board.

This news story raises a whole lot of questions about a whole lot of issues.

Was this just funny? Is this fraud? Is the Dave Wilson to blame? Is the system broken? How much responsibility lies on the shoulders of the voters? Do the voters deserve what they got?

We can certainly have that discussion. But that’s not the point of this post…

The point is that Dave Wilson knew exactly what the constituents wanted. And it didn’t take too much effort for him to pretend that he was it.

As the report says: “a white guy lead voters to believe he was black to win…”

A scheme that would seem impossible. But all it took was a few well-placed images and his cousin’s name.

That is the power of getting inside your prospect’s head.

Want to get into your prospect’s mind? Pick up some techniques in this month’s issue of the newsletter (you have a few days to do so). And wield your new power responsibly.

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