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  • empower network scamThis post is a bit off-beat for this blog. It’s a bit of a rant…and definitely a warning. But I recently watched a video from one of the Empower Network’s “top players” that put me over the edge. And now I feel that it has to be said: The Empower Network is a Scam.

    If this prevents one person from joining the network then I feel I’ve done my job. And that is why I’m writing this.

    But first, let me clarify a few things…

    I Don’t Have a Problem with the Empower Network Model…

    The Empower Network is basically an MLM (muli-level marketing) network.

    Many people take issue with the model itself. But I have absolutely no problem with the MLM model.

    Many people equate MLM to pyramid schemes. And although there certainly are pyramid schemes, I’m not going to generalize and stick all the programs into one category. It’s just a pricing model.

    MLM is basically a membership with an affiliate program that goes deeper than just one level. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    In fact, plenty of people that are great at networking might benefit from this type of system. I personally wouldn’t choose to join in, but it doesn’t mean that my preferences are right for everyone.

    I Do Have a Problem with Their “Marketing Methods”…

    To be fair, I’ve known about the Empower Network’s “practices” for quite some time.

    I’ve been getting SPAM trackbacks from David Wood’s (the founder of Empower Network) blog for long enough to know their practices aren’t very “white hat.”

    But that wasn’t enough for me to be outspoken about it. Plenty of people use methods that work for a little while, but eventually get punished by search engine updates.

    Then there’s the “pricing model”…they claim to pay out 100% commission. 

    Of course…that’s for every-other sale. Most people would call that 50% commissions.

    But even that wasn’t enough for me to be outspoken about it. Because quite frankly, if you can’t see that its a flat out lie then you’re on your own.

    And What They “Teach”…

    The Empower Network claims to teach people how to market their businesses. So you should be able to to use their methods to market something other than the network itself.

    And this is where I have a serious issue. Because if you’re paying money, you should get quality information and training in return. 

    If you can’t see that their “100% commissions” are really only 50%…that’s on you. It’s pretty clear.

    But people that are new to marketing, and online marketing especially, don’t know right from wrong in many cases. They may not know what works and what doesn’t.

    And after the Empower Network pulls at your heart-strings with their videos and spews off a bunch of crap that sounds legitimate, you might be convinced.

    But be warned: what you will learn is flat out WRONG.

    The Video that Put Me Over the Edge

    So as I mentioned, this blog post was spurred by a video from one of the “top performers” in the Empower Network.

    During his pitch to get people to join the network, he claimed that joining would give a huge SEO benefit due to the Alexa Rank of the network site.

    Because…as he claimed…the Alexa Rank of a website plays a huge part in its search engine rankings. And since their network has such a great Alexa Rank, you can easily rank in search engines.

    the empower network scam

    I could write an entire blog post about this, but let me just say this…

    The Alexa Rank of a website has as much to do with search engine rankings as the eggs I ate this morning. 

    Albeit they were delicious and satisfying. But they’re not going to help me rank in the search engines.

    You know what really matters?

    Keyword research. On-page optimization. Social signals. Authorship.

    But sure as hell isn’t Alexa Rank.

    This is Damaging…to Everyone!

    It’s one thing to not know what you’re doing. It’s another to make silly claims…and then sell garbage information.

    The saddest part of all this is that there are tens of thousands of members in the network. That’s based on their claims, of course. I haven’t checked this for accuracy…although everything they claim should undergo a fair amount of scrutiny.

    That is tens of thousands of people being fooled by charlatans who call themselves marketers. And in turn, these tens of thousands of people are going to try their hardest to spread the same inaccuracies - because that is how they get paid.

    And worse…these are the types of people that give marketing a bad name.

    There is plenty of great information, plenty of great courses, being sold online by reputable marketers and business people. But an encounter with the Empower Network is likely to turn people off from making an investment in information that can actually help their business.

    A Challenge…

    Anyone who needs to market a real business should stay away from the Empower Network.

    In my opinion it is worse than a pyramid scheme because the information it provides is just plain false. No information at all would likely be better.

    I’d like to extend a search engine ranking challenge to anyone that is a part of the Empower Network.

    Comparing Alexa Ranks, I shouldn’t stand a chance. So let’s see how much much Alexa Rank really matters.

    And that concludes my rant for the day. Hopefully it plays at least a tiny part in putting an end to the Empower Network Scam.

    21 Responses to The Empower Network Scam: You’re Getting Ripped Off (And It’s Not About The Money)

    1. Annie Sisk (Stage Presence Marketing) says:

      Well, I DO hate MLM, but … yeah, anyone who claims Alexa rank has jack-all to do with your SERPs is just not to be believed on anything digitally-related. Thanks for this – will share.

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Well, I think MLM has just been taken to a point where every “MLM” company is basically a pyramid scheme.

        There are a few that sell real, physical goods, of course. Some people do well with that, I suppose. To each their own.

        But programs like this one are just an insult to humanity :)

    2. Melanie Kissell says:

      I wonder why no one from The Empower Network has chimed in here, Eugene. I’m sure someone in their organization has set up a Google “Alert” for their name. Hmmmm …

      I’m not a fan of MLM at all. Truth be told, I lost my shirt and my entire life savings by getting involved in MLM some years ago. Allow me to say … NEVER AGAIN!!

      I’m getting offers, right and left, to view their promo videos but I’m ignoring them.

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Revisiting this post now. Looks like a few people are chiming in now. Although no one has taken me up on my challenge :) .

    3. Michelle Church says:

      Thanks for this post…enjoyed it tremendously as there was always something about it that just did not fit well with me and I have to admit I paid a small amount and joined for a month and quickly cancelled on the strength that anything that sent THAT many emails EVERYDAY…something is wrong…it’s like they bombard you with information and I honestly had no time to even spend listening to videos, jumping on calls, none of that…I really just wanted the blogging info which I never did get…it was all too much so something had to be wrong…You just confirmed my suspicions..THANKS!

    4. Ron Catron says:

      I’m not a member of Emmpower Network but I am part of a another network marketing business. I just wanted to confirm what he said about network marketing. It does work for the RIGHT person. Let’s face it. Most people in this country want everything now and are not willing to put the effort into a business to see it grow. And if they lose a little bit of money of course it’s not because of them and not following the system it’s because the system is a scam. We see it all the time. I personally don’t know anything about Empower Network other than I get emails from people I don’t know begging me to join. I would personally never join anything where I’m not meeting someone face to face and learning about them first; but don’t lump all network marketing businesses into “pyramids.” There are some very good ones out there that can pay you a lot of money if you have the right attitude and mindset.

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Thanks for the comment Ron. I do have to clarify that I’m not saying that there is no money to be made with the Empower Network. But then again, there’s plenty of ways to make money that are less than commendable. I’m honestly not even sure that I would lump this in with a “pyramid” scheme or not. I just know that the information they provide is absolutely awful.

    5. Mike Morgan says:

      Hi Eugene,

      Yes, I also received a barrage of trackback spam from David Wood (or the ill-informed people doing his SEO for him) and I was amused to see the posts on his blog talking about the power of white hat SEO…


      The fact is that Google does not want “get rich quick schemes” in their results so most network marketing companies have either had to veer further into grey hat or have had to return to the home meetings/hard sell days of old.

      • Eugene Farber says:

        It’s absolutely amazing to me that these people want to teach SEO when they clearly don’t know the first thing about it.

        It’s pretty offensive honestly. If you’re going to be taking people’s money, why not teach them actual, valuable information?

        I don’t get it…

    6. Michael Ladd says:

      Beware of Empower Network

      Big Ideal Mastermind is part of Empower Network. This pure hype and BS They get you join for $45. Then they tell you that this is the basic level and the training and money you make at this level is not very good and need to upgrade good to the $500 level. or $1000 or all in at $3500. They don’t tell you that up front..

      Read this.
      The hard work will be based on where you’re positioned. For so…meone positioned at the bottom it would take 200 sales in a month to get to $5000 per month residual. *NOT taking into account passups* Someone at the $125 silver level it would take only 40 sales. Gold level – 10 sales Platinum level – 5 sales and Diamond level – 2 sales is $6000 a month. It’s much less “work” to do 2,5 or 10 sales in a month than it is to do 200. That’s why Vick is always talking about how important positioning is.

      Wish They told me all this before joining that you needed to up grade or go all in at $3500. They don’t tell that to get you to join.

      Be very careful joining Empower network and a lot of hype for their training was the biggest disappointment. Charging an arm and a leg for a few hours of recorded webinars of “this is how you publish a blog post” kind of training is… well, it’s outrageous.

      Of course, Empower Network is more than happy to point fingers rather than addressing the real concerns from both their members and people who are “thinking about it”.

      P.S. Just found out you have to pay $145 month for training on blogging and using a blog that is $1800 a year. I don’t feel right about this. See how David Woods and David sharp are getting rich on a overprice hyped crap and very expensive training on blogging Oh my god. People are falling for this? Help me lord.

      I can’t push stuff like that and lie to people. I need your opinion people please. $145 month fee for what? Over hyped training and a over priced blog $1800 a month.
      Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh yes and have use there autoresponder, Aweber and getresonse and there not cheap. I am kind of pissed off. Not free more expense.

      They never told me this.
      need go to my bank before it i to late.

      Michael Ladd
      I feel I just got scammed

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Thanks for the comment Michael, I think this pretty much sums up exactly what you get into when you join.

    7. Elizabeth says:

      I am so glad all of you have posted that EN is a scam! That just means you have not tried it or didn’t know how to work it. I am in EN and I make money every day. If you choose to dis something you need to have all the facts!!! I had never made money online before I got into EN. I would hope you all would just do a little research before you turn everyone off of something that is working. I was on welfare when I started and now I am not. So If you think for 1 second I would pull out you are crazy! I love the family I have a EN and would enjoy my life on the beaches of the world.
      All audio is downloadable and you put it on your mp3 and work while you listen. If you blog and are not making $10,000 or more a month then I would rethink the way you look at things. Dave Wood is a hyper but Great man and knows what he is talking about. I would never go back to the old ways of a 9-5 JOB. I love life and my children now have a future they can look forward to.
      I hope you people have a wonderful life. Enjoy Life, Enjoy The Beaches!

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Elizabeth, I never made the claim that you can not make money with EN.

        I knew that someone would come here and throw into the argument.

        There are plenty of ways to make money in this world. I would hope that most people wouldn’t choose the option where you peddle information that just ISN’T ACCURATE.

        I would have no problem with EN (like I said, MLM doesn’t bother me) if they taught information that actually helped you build a real, HONEST, business…

        But they don’t…

        The SEO information I came across is pure garbage and will get you penalized before it helps you rank.

        In essence, the information is worthless…essentially making this a pyramid scheme.

    8. John says:


      my one very dear friend is doing this, and he makes something like $7240 in two months, which i agree is great, but the thing is, after reading all these costs and seeing that it actually costs so much money to join and stuff, im really wondering if its worth it…

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Thanks for the input John. That’s the thing…I never said that you can’t make money with EN. And that’s the only argument that members of EN will ever be able to throw at me.

        But there are plenty of ways to make money online and off. I just hope that most people would chose more “honest” ways to do it.

    9. Alex says:

      Brilliant! But if you had eaten those eggs for breakfast… On a beach… In Costa Rica …. On a horse then that changes everything!?! (WTF indeed)
      I did enjoy that you kept saying Alex rank instead of Alexa. I am the master of Alex rank ;)
      For me the biggest gripe (like yours) is the marketing methods they employ. Reminds of the Catholic Church in that its all based on guilt and making you feel stupid if you don’t do what they say – that being to go all in.
      I won’t go on because you’ve seen my rant, hell half the douche bags in EN have now seen my post lol.
      And re: SEO – you don’t even need to set a challenge, just ask ANY EN bottom feeder to find their blog on Google? They won’t plain and simple. All they’re doing is bolstering David Woods main blog with their sub pages … Morons.
      Side note, is it a prerequisite to have bad hair to be a top level member of EN!?
      David Wood looks like a drowned sloth crawled on his head and died. Seriously!

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Haha…fixed the typos. I was in the rant zone. And there is definitely no one better at Alex rank than you.

        I noticed the hair thing too…WTF?!

        Although I think it’s either crazy bad hair or no hair at all…

    10. Clair Trebes says:

      Hi Eugene,

      Another well executed post regarding EN. I do think you’ve made your point really well.

      I do have friends and people that do MLM marketing (not EN, other companies) for physical products in the health and beauty niches and they do OK – I don’t like that style of marketing and I do genuinely believe it breeds a cult mentality (you should listen / read some of my friends stuff)

      What I don’t get is WHY nobody in EN can tell me what they are selling how they are blogging in the green living niche (example) yet ALL of their CTA’s on their substandard sites are for EN.

      Yes these people make money, not a doubt about that (not all of them do, we know that) but I make money too! The difference is I know what I am selling, I can break it down penny by penny and i don’t make money because of a long trail below me who are selling a glitz and glam “ideal”

      If these people left EN would they have the skillset and tools to carve their own way like WE could – i doubt it. IF i joined EN or any other MLM marketing company, would I make a LOT of money, Probably, because I have the skills to pitch and market …….

      It’s not ethical, I believe the cult members are rude (which isn’t surprising when their Mentors are cyber bullies) it just SCREAMS wrong from the outset – and i’m talking the company not the MLM stuff – Arbonne is another MLM scheme – do i have the same view of them as a company …. HELL NO!

      Great post, i’m sharing it now :)

    11. Matt Smith says:

      Hi Eugene,

      Think the face palm picture says it all! :)

      Never been a fan of EN and think you summed it up quite nicely. They don’t offer any quality information on their site and as far as I’m concerned they are just ripping people off.

      You could find more quality info by spending 2 minutes on Google rather than on EN.

      I have to admit though, I kind of feel sorry for the people that get conned into joining. Most of these people probably don’t know anything about internet marketing, SEO, SM marketing, etc.

      Having said that though, despite our best efforts to open their eyes to what EN is about, some still feel the need to pitch to us. Grrr

      Anyway, great post. Will share :)

    12. Freddie says:

      Great post Eugene, there is definitely some fundamental SEO training missing from the Basic level that should be included for $25. I realize that is doesn’t make sense business wise to “give away” the training but for a newbie that just got hypnotized by the sales video just trying to make it online, the basic membership won’t help them make any money at all.

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