Executing the Strategy Followed by Strategy Execution

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Content Strategy

So now you have a good idea of who, what, where, when, why and how you will be creating content.

And hopefully, if you have to answer to the company budget gods, your project has been approved.

Get to it! Planning is easy; the real effort is in the execution. No action equals no results.

Simple. Right?

Executing the Plan

Often times during the actual execution phase of the process, light bulbs will go off in your head and you will come up with some brilliant ideas that can lead to some amazing results.

Make sure to write down your ideas immediately.

Are your new brilliant ideas in line with the objectives in mind? Are the success metrics still the same?

If so, and the ideas can be executed within your predetermined company budget, you should be able to implement changes without a problem.

If these ideas might veer you off in a different path, keep a note of them for the future and keep on trucking. That is unless you decide to change your objective altogether (usually not the smartest thing to do mid-process, but you never know :) ).

Review and Tweak

Analysis and review of your content strategy needs to be an ongoing process (as in before you start, during the process, and after).

Go back to the measurements you completed before undertaking the strategy, and compare.

Are there significant changes? Are there improvements in metrics? What is going right right? What is going wrong?

Remember to check your on-site content in different browsers. Sticking to the big three (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox) should suffice.

If you have created off-site content, you can take it one step further and check that in different browsers as well. But let’s face it, you don’t control your off-site content…it’s off-site. But you can attempt to notify the host of any issues you may discover. Of course you would hope that the host of your content is doing their due-diligence as well. But there’s no guarantees.

The Importance of Scheduling

We have already talked about scheduling your content strategy process. But you should also schedule periodic reviews to make sure you are on track (and actually accomplishing something; not just wasting resources).

These periodic reviews keep your content up to date, maintained and (hopefully) up to par in terms of quality.

How often these reviews take place is really up to you as the decision maker. What is appropriate for your business? How many resources can you throw at maintaining and reviewing content?

For some companies monthly reviews are OK. Some can manage it weekly…even daily. It really all depends on your budget, the resources you have available, and the amount of content you are producing.

Ending Your Strategy

Don’t get too excited just yet.

A content strategy isn’t something that just ends. It is ongoing; it is never finished. It is a process that is ever evolving. One that you must do your best to continuously improve.

If the strategy works, chances are you have room to do it all over again (with improvements)!

If one particular strategy doesn’t work out, you need to reevaluate and try another. Do not give up on content, try a new strategy.


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