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The Easiest Way to Get Facebook Exposure?

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Facebook is often a mystery to business owners. But the name of the game is exposure – get more eyeballs on your stuff. And I’m going to share with you what is, in my opinion, the easiest way to get Facebook exposure.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t focus much on Facebook (or social media in general). I use it as a way to drive traffic back to my blog. But that’s about it.

It’s not that I don’t know how to use it. It’s just that I don’t focus on it. I think my time is better served elsewhere.

And due to that fact, the Content Strategy Hub page on Facebook doesn’t have as many  ”Likes” as some other pages might have.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like experimenting with it every once in a while. I like experimenting with a lot of stuff. It’s fun.

And this latest experiment reveals by far the easiest way to get Facebook exposure for any page.

Business as Usual

I normally reserve the CSH Facebook page for blog posts update. Every time I publish something new, it goes up on the page. And every once in a while I’ll throw something up from a different information source that I find interesting.

This certainly drives some traffic back to the blog post. And hopefully people enjoy the new content that I put up.

But realistically, it doesn’t do a good job of playing into what Facebook is at its core: a social network. I know this. So I decided to switch it up. 

The “Viral” Update

I really don’t like the word “viral.” It’s so subjective. How do you define “viral”? For someone that has absolutely no presence on Facebook, just a few “Shares” or “Likes” is a big deal.  But I digress…

When I published this post (which you will see below), I knew it would get a lot more play on Facebook than any other post I’ve published through my page.

Because I knew that this post feeds into what people on Facebook want to see, and what society expects. And that is mainly…

  1. Something entertaining/funny, something that provokes emotion, or something controversial, and
  2. Something quick – we live in a world of 2 minute soundbites and zero attention.
So I shared an image….
Facebook exposure

So What Happened?

The result was double-digit “Likes” and 49 “shares.” And that second number is really what matters. And this happened pretty much within a day.

So why did this work? For a few reasons…

I used an image. A visual is easy and quick to consume. I normally share links to content to drive traffic. People don’t generally just share content without consuming it first. So the effort it takes to get someone to consume a written piece of content is much greater than getting someone to consume an image like this one.

It was entertaining. Don’t deny it…you found that image funny.

It was relatable. What regular Facebook user hasn’t had that thought cross their mind? Again…don’t deny it :). Plus, the topic of this image was Facebook. So the fact that I’m sharing something Facebook-related makes it more likely to spread.

This is, by the way, by far the most Facebook exposure any update I’ve posted on the CSH page has had.

Have you ever seen the posts going around Facebook collecting “Likes” for cancer patients? They usually show an incredibly sad image of a person suffering.

These images work because they clearly provoke an emotion.

I also think these are absolutely despicable because they are using other people’s suffering for their own gain.

A doctor is not sitting around waiting until someone’s image gets a certain amount of “Likes” on Facebook before they can operate on them. So please stop supporting these images.

But there’s still a lesson to be learned here. And here’s how it works…

The “Viral” Aspect

I just described why sharing something like this works for getting more exposure on Facebook. But what’s the mechanism that makes this work?

Simple. Ameena Falchetto did all the work :).

You see, Ameena shared the photo. Of the people that saw it on their feed form her share, 31 re-shared it.

And every time someone re-shared the photo, it provided a link back to the originating page – the CSH Facebook page.

I don’t have to know the people sharing. And they may have never heard of me. But they’re linking back to my Facebook page.

So thank you Ameena :).

But How Does This Help Your Business?

Due to this image getting some exposure on Facebook, I received a few new fans for my page.

This helps as a building block for future promotions.

The next time I post an image like this, a few more people will see on their feed. That means that they are more likely to share it, and I am more likely to collect some more re-shares, thus gaining more Facebook exposure, thus collecting even more “Likes” on my page.

In other words, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

The other benefit this gives me is a wider audience for promoted posts.

Facebook, realizing that businesses are looking for more exposure on the platform, introduced “Promoted Posts.” Statuses updates that you can pay to promote.

By promoting a post you ensure that all of your fans see it. But even more importantly, you can choose to have friends of your friends see it. So just a few extra “Likes” on your page can potentially mean hundreds, if not thousands, of extra eyeballs on your promoted post.

The Challenge

The challenging part of sharing content like this is finding something to share that is at least somewhat related to your business.

I could post an image of Bill Clinton playing hockey in a thong, but I’m not sure how appropriate that would be for the CSH community.

Then again, I would hope that someone checks out what my page is about before clicking the “Like” button.

So maybe I should try posting an image like that to see what happens.

In any case, an extra “Like” can’t hurt, right? :).

So there you have it: by far the easiest way to get Facebook exposure. It may not lead to direct business benefits right away, but it can certainly be used as building block for future promotions and campaigns. What kind of image will you share?


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2 Responses to The Easiest Way to Get Facebook Exposure?

  1. Sian Phillips says:

    Great post and love the picture. I have been doing similar recently and whilst not attracting as many shares as you have I know that funny pictures actually work much better. And the more shares and likes then the more chances of getting the actual business seen too. Thanks for sharing on

    • Eugene Farber says:

      My pleasure Sian, thanks for stopping by.

      Out of all the social networks I think Facebook is probably the most “social”; meaning you’re better posting something entertaining or funny. With Twitter, on the other hand, you can get away with just sharing content.

      But you’re right…the more shares you get the more eyeballs you get on your brand. It’s kind of like casting a wide net and hoping to catch a really big fish or two.

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