Three Reasons Images Are More Important Than Ever

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Image Content MarketingAt this point it is pretty clear that content marketing involves more than just text – there’s video and images as well. And I like to take the stance that content marketing also includes things like the design because design and colors affect how people perceive information. Content marketing is all about relaying information.

That being said, I want to cover three points about images, and why they are more important than ever in your content marketing efforts. The first is pretty clear and isn’t something new. The second point is relatively new. And the third is very new, and it has resulted in some great results for online marketers (at least in terms of driving traffic).

Images Grab Attention

People have really short attention spans. Especially online where they experience information overload on a daily basis. Actually, I’m surprised that you’re still here reading this :) .

A well-placed image can grab a persons attention and keep their focus.

Moreover, images can add breaks in your content and give people a “break” from reading. And these breaks actually make the content seem much less “intimidating” before the visitor even begins to read. This is also the reason that sectioning off your content with sub-headings is important.

Images Improve SEO

Images can also play a significant role in on-page SEO. They help you show up higher in search engines – if you optimize them! Just adding random images with random titles won’t help.

You can optimize your images for your target keywords by doing the following three things:

1. Optimize the actual file name by giving it a name that corresponds to your keyword  (i.e. “my-keyword.png”).

2. Optimize the Title of the image.

3. Optimize the Alt Tag of the image.

On top of that, Google is now placing image results into general search results. Take a look at the search results for “strategy”:

Image Content Strategy

The image circled in red leads to Content Strategy Hub. Unfortunately I rank better for just “strategy” than “content strategy.” This drive a lot of traffic to my site, but it isn’t targeted. I need to optimize the image better because there is a lot of traffic potential.

And, obviously, the image shows up 2nd in the image search results as well.

Images are “Pinable

And what is a blog post nowadays without a mention of Pinterest?

Pinterest is the fastest website to grow to 10 million users in history. And while the growth has slowed down significantly over the past couple of months, it is still growing at a pretty rapid pace. And many marketers have found a way to tap into the Pinterest user base to drive traffic back to their businesses.

Actually, I have barely logged into Pinterest since I created my account and I am already driving some visitors to Content Strategy Hub. I guess that means that I should put a little more focus on it.

But here’s the thing – images are more “pinable” than text. In fact, you can’t just pin text content, no matter how good it is. In order to make it to the “pinboards” you have to have an image to “pin”.

So if you want to tap into the newest, hottest social network – you must use images.

And it seems that images of animals do very well on Pinterest…go figure! So you wanna try out some pinning? Hit the “Pin It” button in the bar to the left! And don’t forget to sign up for updates below…

3 Responses to Three Reasons Images Are More Important Than Ever
  1. whilldtkwriter

    Nice and compact information! I like to think of images as signposts to the article, which I occasionally place in my own articles.

  2. Jens P. Berget

    Hey Eugene,

    I’ve been thinking about spending more time to find awesome images lately, and that’s mostly because of pinterest. I’m not receiving any traffic from images at all, but I see them as big part of my posts. They are adding value to my story. But with pinterest, things are changing – again :)

  3. Ralph

    Hey Eugene,

    Great tips on #2. I have definitely been missing the mark on optimizing images. I like to use them a lot in posts and create collage images to illustrate a point but haven’t thought they could drive traffic.

    Thanks man. Very vool.

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