[Infographic] Marketing Your Customers Won’t Hate

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Voltier Digital recently put out this infographic about the rise of inbound marketing.

The information contained here paints a similar picture to the infographic I share earlier comparing content marketing and traditional advertising.

While the previous infographic showed content marketing as an emerging force that will overtake traditional advertising, the following shows a similar scenario with inbound marketing overtaking outbound marketing.

The relationship makes sense, as content marketing, content strategy and inbound marketing are all closely related.

For those of you that have been around from the beginning of Content Strategy Hub (which wasn’t that long ago :) ), probably have noticed that I changed the header logo to include all three.

To me, they are all pieces of the same puzzle. While you can pick at details and try to separate each one as an individual practice, if you don’t have all three your puzzle isn’t complete.

But I am a bit torn about these infographics. While the information clearly shows that inbound and content marketing on the rise (which they are), does it really mean that traditional advertising and outbound marketing are going away?

I don’t think so.

Traditional marketing is more expensive, and those that can afford it will probably continue to do it. To them, these new marketing methods will just be an additional tactic.

I simply think that these “new forms” of marketing make it possible for the little guys to enter the market and focus on a method that won’t break the bank. And as a free market guy, I think that’s great news – lower barrier to entry, more competition, better quality and/or pricing.

Take a look at the infographic below… 

What do you think?
Will inbound marketing and content marketing completely overtake traditional advertising and outbound marketing?
Or will they just be additional methods that companies will use to try and get a bigger market share?

The Rise of Inbound Marketing

3 Responses to [Infographic] Marketing Your Customers Won’t Hate
  1. Jim S

    I found this infographic misleading at the outset and, if you really examine the % increases in inbound vs outbound over a multiple year period, if inbound was so successful there would be a LOT more than 80% increases (Facebook). So, where’s the rub? At the outset the first two assumptions that a direct outbound sale is achieved by a “one direction” message that uses media that the user elects to view seems contradictory. Then, the second two assumptions that the “marketer” doesn’t add value and doesn’t seek to “inform or educate” is completely opposite of what successful outbound sales people do. Successful sales people listen, assess and assist the client to meet needs, they remain educated and share their knowledge and seek to build relationships one-to-one. This was written and created by someone who has no feel for the real benefits of direct sales.

    • Jason Fonceca

      I hear you and understand Jim.

      Personally, I chose to see this as more of a general explanation of the point:

      “Marketing is shifting to the internet, like much of the world, and InBound is going to be a major player. Here’s a decent primer about it.”

      Yes, I realize the graphic seems to have demonized direct sales a bit in the process, and direct is powerful and has it’s place.

      Perhaps you’d make an improved info-graphic for the viewing audience, a little more accurate, a little more balanced? ;)

  2. Jason Fonceca

    This beautiful, energized, vibrantly clear infographic on a topic so key to our economy…

    …needs some praise.

    This is absolutely epic. Thank you, it’s a lot of what I’ve wanted to explain, made pure and simple.

    Thank you :)

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