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Infographic: Content Marketing to Replace Traditional Advertising?

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The following infographic from Marketo gives some interesting insights about content marketing.

Highlights include why content marketing should be used, how companies are using it, and investment into content marketing by companies.

While it may not be completely over taking traditional advertising in the immediate future, it is definitely growing. And one day, perhaps int he not so distant future, traditional advertising may lose its edge.

If you aren’t sold on the power of content marketing, take a look…

So what do you think? Is traditional advertising in danger?

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12 Responses to Infographic: Content Marketing to Replace Traditional Advertising?

  1. Eugene

    Good infographic find! There will always be ‘traditional’ advertising – but it will increasingly be restricted to bigger and older businesses (who are more conservative).

    Smaller businesses have already cut their spend on things like Yellow Pages and are now going to the web.

    Initially that might have been adsense, or just a brochure style website. But I see more companies embracing content marketing – though it’s still in its early days. And there are still massive strides to be made.

    If you’ve been following the Duct Tape Marketing Challenge series of posts on One Spoon you’ll know that I’m revamping the website of my offline business, which is a band that plays at weddings, corporate functions, charity balls, that kind of thing. (Do you call them society bands in the US? I know there’s a big circuit in and around New York).

    Anyway, I did a bit of research on the competition before I started and there’s not a single other band in the UK that i could find that does content marketing in any meaningful way, shape or form. And I’m betting a lot of other industries are lagging behind.

    So I’d say trad advertising isn’t in danger yet…but the content marketing wave is just starting to roll.


    • Hmm, haven’t heard the term “society band” before…but that doesn’t mean that’s not what they are called :).

      It’s so interesting watching the development of the whole content marketing thing. Just looking at the infographic you can see that its growing, but also that so many businesses don’t use it, don’t know how to use it, or just never even heard of it.

      I got your contest submission Paul. Even if you don’t win (haven’t gone through all of them, nor decided what the criteria will be) I’d love to kick around some ideas with you for your site. We can call it “paying it forward” in a small way :).

  2. Hi Eugene,

    I don’t that content marketing will replace traditional advertising, but we’ll definitively see a lot more content marketing in the future. But I believe that we’ll also be seing traditional advertising in the future. Especially when we need to have something out fast. This happens for the University where I work, and with content marketing we need more time.


    • I think that traditional marketing IS content marketing, just through a different delivery method. But you’re right, if we’re considering traditional advertising radio, tv and print ads…those do have a wider reach and much faster. But I think that the fact that content marketing takes a longer time is a good thing. It gives you more time and connect and build trust and loyalty.

      I always wondered how many people make decisions about which school to go to based on TV ads. I think that visiting the school’s site and connecting would drive more decision making. But you would know more about that than I do :). You think there’s any truth to that?

      • I believe that not many (if any) base their decision on which school to attend solely on TV ads, radio ads or whatever ad. But, that’s how many schools drive attention, and after they get the attention, they’ll connect via the website, via an expo or via people working/attending the school. So, it’s basically just one out of many things to consider when doing promotion.

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