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  • There’s no question that social media can be used a good source of traffic. While I often criticize it, and even write posts about how we should ignore social media, I never had any delusions about it’s potential.

    Of course one of the usual suspects when it comes to social media is Twitter.

    And if you are going to be using Twitter to share content and drive traffic, the name of the game is clicks. You want the links that you Tweet out to actually get clicked on.

    But how do you get more clicks on Twitter?

    Recognizing the need to optimize your Tweets, tools like Buffer App and HootSuite provide an option where you can randomly schedule what time they will be sent. You can then look at your analytics to see which times are best for Tweeting to your audience.

    But leaving it completely to chance is not a great starting point.

    Luckily there’s Dan Zarrella of HubSpot who has provided us with the infographic below. This takes data analysis and puts into a nice, easy-to-digest form that will give you a good starting point for getting more clicks on Twitter.

    Of course, testing is always a good idea. 

    How to Get More Clicks on Twitter

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