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[Inforgraphic] State of Blogging 2012

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I came across this infographic about “The State of Blogging 2012″ from and thought it was worth a share because it has some interesting insights.

To be fair, I’m always weary of studies and statistics like this. In fact, I have another infographic in the pipeline to share with you which explains exactly why I’m always weary about infographics – try to wrap your mind around that one :) .

But nevertheless, I find them interesting.

What I find especially interesting in this case, is the breakdown of gender, income and platforms. According to this, significantly more men blog than women. The vast majority of people never even make $100 from their blog. And almost half of bloggers use WordPress as their platform.

That last part didn’t really surprise me. As I’ve stated before, I think WordPress is the best CMS (and definitely the best blogging platform) considering how flexible it is in terms of features and extensions. You can do some amazing things with it without ever touching a piece of code.

What I did find very surprising is the number of businesses that have a blog according to this infographic. That number doesn’t seem right. There are still many businesses out there that don’t even have a website. So clearly this study is extremely skewed.

Plus, 60% of businesses have a blog, but 81% of blogs never even make $100? Something doesn’t add up. Although if you are blogging for business and are struggling to convert that into income – feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Anyway, let’s dive right into it. What do you think of the data presented here?

State of Blogging Infographic

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2 Responses to [Inforgraphic] State of Blogging 2012

  1. Steven Bloom says:

    Not one to normally criticize others work but… There is a huge spelling error (Bloggging) in this infographic that prevents many from using it, thus limiting its reach and effectiveness.

    • Eugene says:

      Hey Steven,

      I didn’t even notice it. I usually just glance over the titles and look at the numbers. That’s a great catch.

      I was trying to make a point about the numbers being inaccurate – but looks like the spelling is too :) .

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