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    What do Jon Bon Jovi, Panera Bread and Content Strategy Hub have in common?

    This isn’t the beginning to a bad joke.

    Have you ever heard of “Pay What You Can” restaurants? These were a pretty hot trend a little while ago.

    Panera Bread launched one.

    Even Jon Bon Jovi jumped on the trend.

    But why should restaurants and rock stars get to have all the fun?

    I’ve decided to take the idea and run with it (with a little twist).

    For a limited time, and for a limited number of people, I will be doing “Pay What It’s Worth” Blog/Site audits.

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    With each audit we will look at your business goals, where you are now, and how to fill in the gap.

    Even the smallest tweaks can potentially net you thousands of dollars.

    This service is time-intensive and highly tailored to each individual.

    So to take the normal “pay-to-play” way of doing things, and to flip it on its head, is somewhat crazy.

    But I think it will also be fun :) .

    Because of the time investment it will take, I can only do this for a limited number of people.

    So if you are interested, don’t delay.

    Want to jump on board the crazy train with me?

    You Can Get All The Details by Clicking Here

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    1. Lana says:

      I would love to avail this opportunity. Thanks for being generous.

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