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“I will be honest: I have read a lot of stuff online about how content should be generated and marketed, but I have never, till now, come across a more wholesome guide.”

-Neeraj Sachdeva of

You Will Discover Proven Strategies that will Help You Take Your Online Business Presence to the Next Level Using the Power of Content!

Content marketing is getting more and more focus from companies across all industries. And it is becoming a bigger and bigger part of businesses’ overall marketing strategies.

10 Reasons You Can No Longer Ignore Content In Your Business Marketing Efforts

  • 80% of all internet users go directly to a search engine once online (and search engines display content)!
  • 30-40% of search engine users click on the first organic listing in the results!
  • 62% of individuals using a search engine click on a result on the first page!
  • 77% of search users choose organic over paid listings when searching!
  •  67% of search users choose organic search when purchasing!
  • 90% of all purchase decisions begin on the internet!
  • 92% of shoppers believe information provided online more than information provided by a salesperson or some other source!
  • 78% of marketers believe creating content for marketing purposes will be a key to future success, but only 49% have a content strategy in place! 
  • 55% of the time people spend online is directly related to consuming content!
  • 60% of B2B marketers report that they plan on increasing the amount they spend on content marketing over the next year!
  • Content marketing takes up 26% of the overall marketing budget for B2B marketers!

The Missing Ingredients 

The above statistics show that most businesses recognize the importance of focusing on content marketing to drive business. However, it also shows that a majority of businesses are missing the secret ingredient that will ensure their success:

A Strategy! Or more accurately: strategies.

Strategies that work. Strategies that are proven. Strategies that allowed me to obtain…

  • Thousands of Visitors
  • Hundreds of Subscribers
  • A Lot of Google Love (PR4!)

And all in one month with a site I launched from scratch!

Are you ready to start creating content that drives business results? Results like more traffic, more subscribers, more leads and more sales!!!


Strategic Content Launch Pad

Strategic Content Launch Pad

Your crash course in content creation and marketing, and detailed strategy guide!

The information in this 93 page strategy guide will teach you the exact strategies I have learned over the years. The same strategies I used (and will continue to use) to build, launch and maintain the success of my online business.

These proven strategies will help you build a successful online business presence using the power of content marketing strategies. Consider this your secret weapon. 

Whether you have already attempted content marketing, but have seen little results, or are completely new to the idea…the information in this guide will give you the upper hand in the battle for customer attention!

A Few of the Game Changing Things You’ll Discover Inside…

  • How I leveraged the audiences of A-Listers to promote my business launch…before I even had a live site!
  • The one thing I did to get an extra burst of promotion, traffic and subscribers from existing content.
  • How to use your launch to instantly gain social proof.
  • Why Google will LOVE you for applying this one particular strategy.
  • The one free plugin that saved me hours and hours of work for my launch content (love this thing!).
  • How I attracted thousands of visitors to my site within weeks of launch.
  • How I use social media to keep a steady flow of visitors (most of my visitors aren’t from Facebook…or Twitter).
  • The one thing that most people miss when guest blogging (and no…it’s not “write great content”).
  • A method to creating subscriber magnets that convert like crazy!
  • Why your content doesn’t have to be entirely your own. It doesn’t even always have to be original!
  • And much, much more!

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Bonus #1: 87 Ways to Dominate Your Content Strategy ($47 Value)

A collection of 29 of the world’s leading experts on content strategy and content marketing participate in an interview to bring you this value-packed, 42-page eBook. Topics include…

Expert Content Marketing Advice

  • Content Publishing for Businesses: How important is it for you and your business to start publishing content?
  • Uncommon Content Strategy and Marketing Advice: The “DOs” of content strategy.
  • Common Content Strategy Mistakes Made by Businesses: The “DONTs” of content strategy.
Read it, take it to heart, use it as a free consulting session from some of the brightest minds in the online content arena.

Bonus #2: 24 Ways to Generate Content Ideas and the Getting Started Worksheet ($27 Value)

Generating Content IdeasHaving trouble figuring out what kind of content to write to promote your business? Generating content ideas is one of the biggest problems that many entrepreneurs face.

Stop wasting time struggling to figure out what kind of content you should be creating. Start spending your time actually creating content.

The “getting started worksheet” will help you generate targeted content topics to give you a strong start from the get-go.

The “24 Ways” report will provide you with 24 different idea-generating methods that you can start implementing today to continue driving forward your business online.

Bonus #3: Simple SEO Checklist ($7 Value)

On-page-seoSEO doesn’t have to be unsolved mystery.

Content doesn’t do anyone much good if it can’t be found. This report explains the on-site items you have to look at and optimize to get the most out of your content. It also includes a checklist of items you should check before publishing new content in order to make it as optimized as possible. While

This checklist focuses on WordPress based sites, but it can definitely apply to any website (SEO doesn’t change based on platform!).

Bonus #4: Content Strategy 101 ($27 Value)

Want to stop creating content just for the sake of creating content? Want your content to actually help you achieve your goals? In this flagship report you’ll learn…


  • How to identify your ideal customer in order to create content that sticks!
  • How to make sure your content is always up to date and effective!
  • How to plan your content in order to achieve a desired result!
  • And much, much, more!

Bonus #5: My Actual Content Inventory ($77 Value)

Content Strategy InventoryThe stats show that most marketers are now seeing the importance of implementing content in their marketing efforts. But this is your competitive advantage.

A content inventory gives you a visually viable snapshot of your current status. 

This gives you the ability to see what you already have, compare it with your goals, and see where you are missing the links between the two.

This is the actual content inventory I put together, and use, for Content Strategy Hub. It is also filled in with the first couple weeks worth of content to show you how I use it. This is as much of an insider look at the back-end operations as anyone can give you. 

Trust me when I say this tool makes a huge difference for your success. Use it!

Bonus #6: Business Lessons Pack ($97 Value)

A collection of advice from 11 online entrepreneurs spanning a wide range of topics. Lessons include…

Business eBooks

  • Creativity: Applications to business and marketing!
  • Finding and Connecting with Your Ideal Customers!
  • How to Build and Nurture Business Relationships!
  • Productivity: How to get your S$#T Done!
The Strategic Content Launch Pad offers online-business strategies surely to trigger optimal results if seriously acted upon.

As an owner of a creative web services company, it’s very clear that most businesses don’t necessarily struggle with  tactical execution of the insurmountable number best practices to grow ones business online. The challenge is knowing what best practices to implement and which to stay clear from. Strategic Content Launch Pad cuts to the chase and provides the right answers that will help businesses become more efficient, effective and profitable.

Having a finely crafted strategy is the most frequently under nourished aspect for many businesses online. Without strategy, online-business results are often muted or minimally achieved, at best. And that’s where Eugene’s incredible product comes into play. Strategic Content Launch Pad not only offers up proven tactics that are sure to get good results, but he underscores each with brilliant, yet easy to implement strategies that will generate GREAT results. ”

Jk Allen of
“If you’re new to content marketing, or you’re an experienced marketer, I highly recommend that you buy Strategic Content Launch Pad.

I am a strong believer in inbound marketing, and that high quality content is necessary for any business to be successful. Strategic Content Launch Pad is a very powerful guide, and I highly recommend it. It’s detailed, and to the point, showing you exactly what you need to be doing in order to create a content marketing strategy.

I read the e-book in one sitting, and I was very impressed how well-written it was, and how many very interesting examples from personal experiences that Eugene had added. Strategic Content Launch Pad is a detailed blueprint on exactly what you need to be doing in any business. I just wished that this was around when I started up doing business online.

After reading the e-book, I immediately started reading the bonuses, and the bonuses were the icing on the cake. It was all related to content marketing, and even though I have been marketing online for many years, I have been learning a lot. Eugene did a fantastic job.”

Jens P. Berget of
“Strategic Content Launch Pad goes far beyond its title.

I will be honest: I have read a lot of stuff online about how content should be generated and marketed, but I have never, till now, come across a more wholesome guide. I think SCLP is absolutely fantastic asset for newbies and average level marketeers like myself that want to spice up their blogs and other websites. Eugene goes into some aspects of content marketing in greater detail. And do you know what the best thing is? He has quantifiable experience to prove most of his postulates. I have read a lot of unsubstantiated theory – this goes far beyond by giving tangible figures. But hey, I am just talking about one guide.

Then there are SO MANY more different files in this package that will keep you busy for many days. What Eugene will forget to tell you is this: The overall contents in this book come not only from the desk of one online marketeer – there are 20-30 others behind the scenes that add value to this AWESOME package. So if you are an expert marketeer on the edge about investing in this product – rest assured, you will learn about content from 30 or more different perspectives. Can you really afford to miss that?

Just enjoy, absorb every word, implement, and enjoy again. This is not to be missed. At any cost!”

Neeraj Sachdeva of
“After reading it, I find it to be a veritable blueprint for success in content marketing. It is a comprehensive and definitive guide on how to use content to drive a business forward. It is well-written, concise and completely free of fluff.

The e-book clearly explains how content can help online businesses succeed. This is important to me because I am a content provider and my job is to create content that will help my clients achieve their business goals.

Anyone who reads this e-book will know that this is nothing like the rehashed crap that some marketers sell for a fast buck. Eugene uses his own experience to show exactly how he successfully launched his own website. He himself has tested and proven the strategies that he presents in his e-book and clearly explains why these tactics work. He also points the readers to different resources and tools that can help them save time and make their lives much easier.

The e-book alone is well-worth the price. However, Eugene over-delivers by including some bonuses to the package. These bonuses offer some top-level information on how to propel your business to greater success.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, you will find this product valuable. This is definitely a must-read. You will enjoy reading it, and if you implement the strategies thatEugene teaches, you will enjoy the results!”

Diane de la Cruz of

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You get a full 30 days to go through the content and implement the strategies inside. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product or the contents, simply send me an email and I will gladly refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked. 

  • The Strategic Content Launch Pad Guide to Promoting Your Business with Content
  • Bonus 1: 87 Ways to Dominate Your Content Strategy
  • Bonus 2: 24 Ways to Generate Content Ideas and the Getting Started Worksheet
  • Bonus 3: The Simple SEO Checklist Report
  • Bonus 4: Content Strategy 101
  • Bonus 5: My Actual Content Inventory Spreadsheet
  • Bonus 6: The Business Lessons Pack

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