Do You Want More Traffic, Conversions and Results…FAST!

You are probably here because you’re looking to get real business results…and preferably get them as fast as possible.

I am also pretty sure that at this point you’re really sick of “gurus” and snake-oil salesman offering you magic solutions that will lead to overnight riches.  I know I am.

So let me get straight to the point…

There are two things that set apart those who keep trying to create the business they’ve always wanted to no avail, and those who see real tangible results.

The first is work!

You can’t expect to see the results without putting in the effort.

And the second is…


Or, to be more accurate strategies.

If you are looking for real and actionable ways to start growing your business from scratch, you are in the right place.

Why Strategy Makes a Difference

You could shoot in the dark and hope to hit the target. Or you can employ strategies…strategies that turn the lights on for you.

Here is a recent example of what goal-oriented strategies have done for me…

In early October 2011 I launched Content Strategy Hub.

By early November 2011 Content Strategy Hub had

  • Thousands of visitors
  • Hundreds of subscribers 
  • A lot of love from Google
All in one month!!!

The information in this course will teach you the exact strategies I have learned over the years. The same strategies I used (and will use) to build, launch and maintain the success of my online business.

This is Perfect For You If…

You sometimes think to yourself “if I just had more traffic my business would take off!”

You sometimes think to yourself “My services and products are so awesome! I just need people to find them!”

You are a passionate entrepreneur who is serious about their business.

Putting in work and effort doesn’t scare you!

You don’t want to spend the time doing trial and error to see what works, and would rather exude your efforts on proven strategies.

A Couple Game-Changing Things You’re About to Learn

Note: While I say “launch” a lot here, it doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. You can have a “mini-launch” or “re-launch” with existing sites to build momentum.

  How I leveraged the audiences of A-Listers to promote my business launch…before I even had a live site!

  The one thing I did to get an extra burst of promotion, traffic and subscribers from existing content.

  How to use your launch to instantly gain social proof.

  Why Google will LOVE you for applying this one particular strategy.

  The one free plugin that saved me hours and hours of work for my launch content (love this thing!).

  How I attracted thousands of visitors to my site within weeks of launch.

  How I use social media to keep a steady flow of visitors (most of my visitors aren’t from Facebook…or Twitter).

  The one thing that most people miss when guest blogging (and no…it’s not “write great content”).

  A method to creating subscriber magnets that convert like crazy!

  Why your content doesn’t have to be entirely your own. It doesn’t even always have to be original!

  A whole lot of bonuses!

Bonuses You Say?

With the purchase of this course you will also receive:

  • Getting Started Worksheet - A worksheet to get you started in the content creation process (targeting and ideas)
  • Generating Content Ideas (Presentation Video and eBook!) - 24 content ideas you can start using today to drive business.
  • 87 Ways to Dominate Your Content Strategy eBook - The value-packed content that skyrocketed my success.
  • SEO Checklist - A checklist of steps to take to ensure your site is Google friendly. This checklist focuses on WordPress based sites, but it can definitely apply to any website (SEO doesn’t change based on platform!).
  • Social Pages Made Easy - A simple step-by-step process to set up business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to drive traffic and start making connections!

But What if It Doesn’t Work?

content strategyI created this that you can use it to see real results and improvement in your business. I want you to see results.

So if you go through this course, apply these strategies, and don’t see improvement…you get your money back. All of it. 100%. Every single penny. Just shoot over an email and I’ll gladly refund your investment.

This policy is good for 30 days after your purchase so that you have enough time to go through the information and start seeing results.

The Pre-Order PRICE SLASH!

You can pre-order all of these business-changing resources today for an investment of $97!  An amazing price considering the effect this can have on your business success.

Plus, how much do you spend at Starbucks each month?

After the official product launch, the price will go up significantly (we’re talking more than double!).

And, if you order today, your 100% money back guarantee is extended through the launch date (plus the 30-day guarantee!).

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