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36 Powerful Link Building Strategies to Boost SEO, Rankings and Sales

Link Building StrategiesThere is a lot of debate in the SEO world about the most effective strategies. On the white hat side, SEO amounts to a lot of work similar to PR. On the black hat side, you will find blog networks, automated spam links, and attempted rankings through more technical means.

I have recently seen many articles claiming that “SEO is dead.” But this is absolute hogwash (this might be the first time I’ve used that word!). Search engine optimization is as effective as ever. In fact, it may be more so because there are plenty of people that really do think it doesn’t work any more. 

That is why I recently launched the [CSH] SEO service (along with an SEO service for the Cleveland area).

The truth is people who claim that SEO is dead, or is no longer effective, don’t understand it or how it works.

Search engines like Google run on automated spiders (crawlers, robots, whatever you want to call them). These are algorithms. There’s very little subjectivity that goes into rankings. So as long as you know what the search spiders want, you can optimize.

And you can do so in a way that is going to get you rankings that last.

Rankings matters because most purchases begin with research on a search engine. Whether the purchase actually happens online or off, the first stop is often Google (and sometimes Bing :)).

So how do you get rankings for keywords that are going to lead to sales?

First you have to figure out what those keywords are so that you can set up your pages to target those keywords. And next…you build backlinks.

There is one thing that all SEOs can agree upon: backlinks are the lifeblood of SEO. They always have been. And they always will be. That’s just the way search engines work. And until there is a complete overhaul of the system, this will continue to be true.

The catch is to get results quickly…and results that stick…you need backlinks that are high-quality and relevant. That is why I put together this SlideShare presentation of link building strategies.

There are 36 ways to build backlinks in total. This should be more than enough to get you a ton of quality backlinks that will lead to rankings, and sales.

Presentation: 36 Insanely Effective Link Building Strategies to Help You Rank Higher and Profit More

Cleveland SEO Company Presents: 36 Link Building Strategies
from Cleveland SEO Service

Embed this presentation on your site (copy code below):

Cleveland SEO Company Presents: 36 Link Building Strategies from Cleveland SEO Company

With just an exception or two, the link building strategies outlined here are certainly much more “white hat” than some alternatives. The presentation was designed that way to make these strategies accessible, safe and effective for anyone to use. Try some of them out or use these as a launching pad for some of your ideas. Remember, just get creative and have.

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5 Responses to 36 Powerful Link Building Strategies to Boost SEO, Rankings and Sales

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I was hit hard on page rank this last month. I dropped to 0 from 3. A lot of my backlinks dropped thus causing me to drop. However, I still populate on for my keywords great lol. I will be putting a lot of these into practice immediately. I need to rebuild.

    Thanks again for this post. Much needed!

  2. Hi Eugene,

    This is a great information. Can we download the slide in order to have the information printed out? I really want to keep the information handy for a real practice.


    Jim Somchai

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