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  • marketing problems solutionsBusinesses exist to solve problems by providing products and services. Doctors are in business to solve the customer problem of ailments. Grocery stores are in business to solve the customer problem of hunger. And Zynga is in business to solve the customer problem of boredom.

    Good marketing is what connects the businesses with the solutions to the customers with the problems. But there are some road bumps that businesses need to overcome in that marketing process.

    I want to talk about three specific scenarios where creating content can help.

    Customers Don’t Know You Exist

    In this case, potential customers know that they need your services…they just don’t know you exist!

    Before a customer can decide that you are the business to help them solve their problems, they must first be able to find you. And there is no better way to gain exposure than by creating great content.

    Content is what drives the internet. And without creating content (whether on your site or elsewhere), it is very difficult to get your name out there.

    If you are going to get get discovered by potential customers, you must create content.

    But what if your target audience doesn’t even know they have a problem?

    Customers are Uneducated

    Sometimes (actually quite often) your target audience needs your product/services…but they don’t know that they need your it.

    This is often the case in B2B scenarios, and can be quite a predicament. How do you convince someone that they need you when they don’t think they do (or even know about what on earth you’re doing).

    A good customer is an educated one. By working with educated customers, you can streamline the process and speak on the same level. The curse of knowledge no longer becomes a barrier.

    Creating content to educate potential customers can help you not only convince your target audience that they do need your help, but also makes working with them that much easier after the fact.

    Customers are Undecided

    Finding potential customers that are already educated brings a long a different set of problems.

    These are customers that already know what they need and what they’re looking for. They just need to find the right person/company for the job.

    It is your responsibility to prove to them that you are that person or company. Once again, creating content can help.

    By creating content hat puts your expertise on display, you can convince the potential customer that you have the know-how to get the job done…and get it done right.

    It also gives you a chance to put your personality on display to make sure that you will be working with clients that you get along with, rather than butt heads with.

    Creating content can create a level of trust and ensure compatibility with customers in order to ensure that engagements are both productive and pleasant.


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    1. Shanelle Clapham says:

      I would relish an educated client. Uneducated clients make up the majority of my business and I love sharing my passion for the digital world and the return on investment it can provide small businesses but working with an educated client means moving faster and generally building more ambitious strategies because they don’t need to be convinced.

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