Naked Marketing: How to Get Confident In Your Birthday Suit

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danny iny naked marketingThrough Danny Iny’s “Naked Marketing Manifesto” we learned the importance of getting naked. But getting naked can be scary. What if people don’t like what they see?

Luckily, there are some things we can do to reduce the risk of rejection so that we can prance around in our birthday suits in full confidence. And confidence is sexy.

From first impression (public content) to full exposure (paid product and services), we can increase the likelihood of attracting the right people. And we can make them happy by looking good clothed, but looking great naked.

Let’s get started…

Dress Appropriately

First impressions do matter. This is how you’re going to get someone’s attention – something that is an absolute necessity if you’re ever going to get to the point of getting naked. Right?

By checking website statistics you can see which content is the most popular among visitors. you can also see how they are getting to that content to see how you are attracting people.

There are plenty of tools out there that you can use ranging from WordPress plugins to standalone applications; from free to paid. However, you definitely want to start with a Google Analytics accounts. It is free and gives you an immense amount of features and information. There’s really no reason not have one.

Checking these stats gives you the ability to paint a more accurate picture of who you are attracting, and what they are looking for.

What do your most popular posts have in common? Is there a certain headline format that resonates with people? Is there a certain content type, or maybe a subject line, that people are really liking?

This allows you to create more content that will be more attractive to your ideal customers. Or, on the other hand, it might reveal to you that you aren’t attracting the right people at all.

This is like purchasing a wardrobe to create a great first impression. Once you figure out what clothes you should be wearing to draw the attention you want, you can buy more of them. Dressing like a hippy might not be the right way to go if you are trying to attract lawyers (although you never know, but you know what I’m saying :) ).

Information like this also allows you to create a much better “semi-naked self”…

Give Them A Peek

So you’ve realized that your wardrobe accentuates certain parts of your body that your ideal customer is really attracted to. Give them more of it!

I have a niche site where a single post was drawing in the vast majority of the traffic. This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe it was the most optimized of all the posts. Maybe it was the only subject I wrote about that people were actually searching for. The bottom line is, I hit the sweet spot with it.

I realized that this is what people want. I created a free report focused on the topic and greatly increased my opt in rates. Once people are attracted to you they want to see more – they want to see you naked (something that the general public can’t see). 

But in this case, you don’t want to just take it all off. This was a free report. If they want to see you completely naked, you have to make them work for it :) .

Take It Off

Your relationship will eventually get to a point where you have to get naked. It’s the only way. Throw you inhibitions to the side. You may not feel completely comfortable with it, you may not feel good enough…but you have to charge real money.

The good news is, if you’ve given enough “sneak peeks” you should know exactly what your customers want to see. And you can show it to them.

That way you won’t get the dreaded feeling of rejection when you reveal yourself. Rather, you’ll get a very excited individual on the other end.

The more “sneak peeks” you put out there, the better set-up you will have to look great naked – and to have a slew of happy customers.

Free reports…free training…free webinars. These are all great “sneak peeks” to see what peaks your audience’s interest.

Once that is figured out, make sure to over deliver on value while pricing fairly. That way, you look even better naked than expected. You always want the customer coming away wanting more, rather than being disappointed by what they just saw.

Create a Workout Routine

The best way to look great naked is to stay in shape. Physical fitness is a genetic sign of health – something that is considered attractive (by most people). And the best way to stay in shape, is to work out.

Working out only works if you have processes that you stick to. That way, you can measure your progress.

Measuring your progress not only gives you motivation to keep going, but it also shows you when you have plateaued – so you can throw in a little muscle confusion – optimize what you are doing to improve your results.

So here are a few things you can measure to see just how sexy you look naked…

How Attractive Are You at First Sight? 

Any work out routine should start at step 1 – your baseline. Where are you now? Are you grabbing people’s attention enough that they want to eventually see more ;) ?

How many visitors are you actually turning into subscribers?

You can get this number very easily if you use Aweber. Simply go to the “Web Forms” tab and you will see the conversion rate for any form, for any list.

This paints a pretty clear picture of what wardrobe people are finding “attractive.”

In the case of Content Strategy Hub, the highest conversion rates for my opt in forms tend to be either on landing pages (such as my Free Updates page) or on pages where I am giving something away for free (like my Get Started Worksheet).

This makes perfect sense, of course. Anyone clicking on “free updates” is already poised to sign up. And who can resist a free gift?

The feature box, which shows up at the of the blog homepage and top of every post, has a much, much lower conversion rate. And this is also to be expected. Almost every visitor that comes to Content Strategy Hub will see that form (even the ones that got here accidentally).

But are conversion rates the only thing that matter? Of course not! Which brings us to…

Are You Staying Sexy?

It is important to stay attractive once you have reeled in the customer. Just because you looked good naked once, doesn’t mean they’ll stick around forever. You need to keep them coming back for more.

One way to see if what you are doing is working, or if you need to change your routine, is to see if people are sticking around.

There are two things to measure here. Are people sticking around on your mailing list or are they unsubscribing? And are people staying with the paid product or service you provide, or are they asking for a refund?

The latter of the two is easy – you notice when people ask for a refund.

I am proud to say that the refund rate for Grow Your Business Blog is close to 0%. And that’s not because no one has purchased it :) . People just like my naked self.

The latter of the two can be a bit more tricky, especially if you are offering several “sneak peeks” to attract customers.

Again, Aweber makes things easy in this case.

One way you can track what people are finding attractive, and signing up for, is to create hidden fields in your forms to track where the subscriptions are happening. This way, you can link each subscriber to the exact location they subscribed; be it a landing page or the feature box.

The other option, for people who don’t want to mess with any code, is to create a separate list. This is a bit more messy than the first option, but it does have an innate benefit.

It let’s you instantly see how many people subscribe and unsubscribed from each list.

While my feature box has lower conversion rates, it also has much lower unsubscribe rates than some of my “sneak peek” freebies.

This raises a few questions…

Are my “sneak peeks” attracting the wrong people? Are they the wrong “sneak peaks”? Should I stop offering them altogether?

All questions that can be answered through the “work out” routine as you improve and optimize your processes.


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