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Funnel more sales from the world's biggest source of new business with this unique, untapped advertising method...

Eugene Farber

Eugene Farber
Founder of Content Strategy Hub
Content and SEO Specialist

The Most Targeted TV Ad Ever Invented…

Imagine putting a TV Commercial right in front of the people who are actively searching for what you have to offer…

We have combined Search Engine Optimization with customized videos for you to sell your product to interested customers in unique way…all while tapping into the world’s largest source of new business.

How it Works…

With our “Video Ad Ranking” service, we work with you to create a short, enticing YouTube video and rank it for a specific keyword that your potential clients would be searching for.

The result is a video on the first page of Google for that term…essentially a video ad for your small business that only displays to the people that already want to buy what you’re selling.

But you get more than just added exposure with this service.

You get…

  • Trust. Your video will rank organically. People trust organic search results more than paid ads.
  • Uniqueness Content. While the vast majority of businesses are trying to rank written content and website pages, your result will be unique – a video.
  • Desirable Content. It’s simple…people love video.
  • A Unique Search Result. While other businesses have a regular web listing in the search results, you will have one that stands out due to the video thumbnail that will be displayed (add attention-grabbing on top of exposure).
  • YouTube Ranking. Did you know that on top of being a video community, YouTube is also the world’s 2nd largest search engine? Your video will not only rank on Google, but also on YouTube!
  • Competitive Advantage. Your competitors will be left to dry…

Warning: we can only work with ONE business in each geographic location on a first-come, first-served basis in order to keep the integrity of the service.

Our Page One Guarantee

What happens if your video doesn’t get to page one of the results? You don’t pay.

Here’s how it works…

It takes time to create, optimize and upload the video. It then takes a bit of time to rank it.

We take an initial deposit and then get to work.

In month two your guarantee kicks in. By this time your video should be getting your business the exposure it deserves.

If by month two your video isn’t on page one of the results for your target keyword, your deposit is refunded in full.

How can we be so sure of ourselves?

Because we’ve beaten out other search engine marketing companies:

Get Video Rankings

And we’ve been getting these kinds of results for our clients…

Clients in competitive (and very lucrative) markets…

For example…

video seo ad

So we know what we’re doing.

Your Investment…

We will get started on creating your video add for an initial investment of $300. This covers the costs of video creation and initial work for ranking.

As soon as we get the video to page one, our monthly fees kick in (we begin by dipping into your deposit). And you pay based on position…because we believe in delivering results.

Your monthly investment for position 6-10 on page one is $147/month; and it is $197/month for position 1-5 on page one.

This Service is EXTREMELY Limited…

Would you like to take advantage of the most targeted Video Ad ever created?

If so, contact me with one of the options below. We can discuss the process and I’ll show you how this can impact your business.

Please keep in mind that we can’t work with everyone. And remember that this is on a first-come, first-served basis…limited to one business per industry per geographic location.

Contact us now to get your competitive advantage…


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