Infographic: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

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Are you looking to use content marketing as a source of leads? Are you focusing on building leads from business owners? If so, you may be missing out on a very significant platform. One that gets five times more visits from business owners than other sites do!

The platform is Slideshare. Check out this infographic:

So what do you think? Can this be useful for your business?


13 Responses to Infographic: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing
  1. Kris Olin

    I’m a big fan of Slideshare. I have used it succesfully with LinkedIn a few months ago.

    • Eugene

      Oh..that’s a good idea too Kris! I remember seeing the SlideShare widget on LinkedIn and didn’t combine the two for some reason. Maybe I’ll go connect my SlideShare account now.

  2. Andrew Hales

    I love your blog. Nice job. :)
    “Fail Harder” – Mark Zuckerberg

    • Eugene

      Thanks Andrew!

  3. Michelle Church

    GREAT point. I have used it before, but briefly and I suppose I should spend much more time with it AND it’s time for a new one anyway especially for my new branding I am planning next year. THANKS Eugene…you are awesome!

    • Eugene

      New branding is exciting :) . I think SlideShare could be a huge resource for branding, especially for b2b businesses. Thanks Michelle!

  4. Hector Avellaneda

    Very interesting! I think I got an email about this from you today Eugene! Will definitely look into it because I think this is something I can definitely use in my business once I get it back up and running after my book is published!

    • Eugene

      Yeah, it’s very useful for sure. I started paying more attention to it lately and it seems like there is a lot of potential there. Speaking of which, how’s the book coming along?

  5. Jk Allen

    I love the Infographic and information within it. Great stuff and thanks for sharing buddy.

    • Eugene

      My pleasure Jk. SlideShare might be a good resource for your business.

  6. Jens P. Berget

    I have been visiting slideshare a lot, but I have never added my own presentations. Awesome infographic.

    • Eugene

      Thanks Jens. I have visited in the past but never uploaded anything until after this post :) . Even got my first follower on SlideShare. I think I’ll have to use it more often.

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