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My name is Eugene Farber. I’m a content marketing expert and a certified inbound marketer.

If you are like me, then you would rather work smarter, not harder. You would want to get the most out of every action you take, and reap the greatest benefits possible. 

You probably already know that in order to get more leads, and eventually sales, you need exposure. You need traffic. You need your potential customers to get their eyeballs on your content. You need them to know you exist! 

Fortunately, more exposure and more targeted traffic doesn’t necessarily have to mean more work. It just means you have to work smarter.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like if you could create perfectly-optimized content each and every time. And imagine if you could spread that content to some of the biggest platforms on the internet. 

Spreading your content among different web channels can drastically increase the exposure you get. But in order for you to be able to tap into the full potential the platforms have to offer, you need to format that content and optimize it to maximize your potential traffic (and earnings!)

And I’m Going to Show You How! 

I present to you, my Content Optimization Guide. 

You may be wondering why on earth you even need an optimization guide. Well what if I told you that I could take all the uncertainty out of publishing content to different channels by showing you the exact steps you need to focus on to get more targeted traffic from the biggest platforms? 

This takes all the guess work out of creating floods of traffic into your lead and sales funnel through content publishing, repurposing, syndication and distribution. 

In other words, you’re going to make more money with less work. 

The 10-Second Version

When you order this course, you will be able to start using this information to attract more traffic, more leads and more sales as soon as today! It is just a matter of acting on the material inside.

These are the exact same methods that I’ve used to drive leads to squeeze pages and to drive traffic to affiliate offers (making instant commissions). 

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Shortly, you’ll discover…


  • How to optimize your content for listing your original or repurposed content on the biggest platforms for maximum exposure. Tap into these platforms’ already-existing, huge user base.
  • A sneaky ninja trick to tap into other people’s traffic on YouTube. I’ll show you how to tap into a loophole that YouTube thought it closed to get more traffic to your videos!
  • How to create “original” videos to drive traffic to your offers with videos that are already on YouTube (legally!). This is a little known feature that many people on YouTube don’t even know exists!
  •  How to further increase your exposure by preparing your content shares in a way that is more likely to get picked up, and ranked, by search engines
  • How to format your content for maximum conversions. Traffic is great, but we want to turn visitors into customers!


And much, much…much more! 

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