Twitter for Business: A Love Story

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Social Media for Business on Valentine's Day

I’m sure you’ve seen more than your fair share of chatter about using social media for your business. But there is a lack of examples of how to do so. Today I have a quick example to share with you relating to the use of social media for business marketing and Valentine’s Day (how appropriate :) ).

So you have a Facebook account…and a Twitter account. Now what? What do you do with them?

I think that most people use Twitter to connect with other individuals in the same industry. So internet marketers tend to gravitate towards internet marketers. And bloggers tend to follow other bloggers. And it becomes a bit of a social club rather than a business generator.

The problem is that social media sucks up a lot of time. And being social can be fun…but it doesn’t drive business results (similar to blog comments).

However, if you have the right approach (read: strategy) to social media, you can turn it into a viable marketing platform rather than a place to chat with your online friends.

A Real Life Example


Today I want to quickly share an example of a company that is doing just that…and this comes from personal experience.

A few weeks ago I posted a Twitter message about how much time I just spent looking for a restaurant to take my girlfriend to on Valentine’s Day.

And there was a company out there…watching.

Within a half hour of posting that message I received a response from a @GemsAround, a jewelry company seeking out individuals like me who were talking about Valentine’s Day (or girlfriends).

They responded to me. I took notice. And now they get a mention in this post :) .

Why it Was Effective

This company wasn’t being “salesy” or trying to promote anything directly. They were just responding to a message that I, myself, put out there.

But my message told them enough about me to make me a good prospect for their business:

I have a girlfriend. People in relationships give gifts. And one of the more common, yet valuable, gifts is jewelry.

And while I have no immediate plans to purchase jewelry, if I ever do I will probably at least check out what they have to offer. This is a big step.


Because before this message I had no idea who this company was. Now I do. And now I’m talking about it.

How to Do The Same

Pick out some subjects that your target audience will be interested in and search out people on Twitter talking about them.

In this instance it was getting close enough to Valentine’s Day to where that may have been the subject.

On the other hand, Gems Around could have also been searching out men talking about their girlfriends/wives/significant others because they know that this probably makes up a very significant portion of their clientele.

After you pick out a few terms/subjects, click on the “# Discover” option in the top menu on Twitter. The great thing here is that it will find anyone mentioning those keywords in their messages…not just hashtags.

Now it’s as simple as responding to individuals who fit your target audience profile.

Simple enough, right?

I have to admit that I have done a poor job of using Twitter for driving business. And I also have to admit that I loved this company’s approach. So simple…yet so effective.

Do you use Twitter to drive business or to socialize? Do you have any Twitter business success stories?

If you don’t yet, this can be a great way to start.

7 Responses to Twitter for Business: A Love Story
  1. Mark

    Hi Eugene – I’ve been on Twitter now for 4-5 years now and it has led to many business opportunities, client projects, friendships, JV’s and more.

    I really like it. I’m a bit ADD, so the 140 characters works well for me!

    You should dig in a bit more – I’m certain you’ll have some ah-ha moments and good business that develops as a result.

    Cheers bro!

    • Eugene

      Sorry for responding so late. Been having some computer problems (had to buy a new laptop in the end). I really liked the approach this company took and it opened up my eyes a bit about how useful Twitter can actually be. It drives traffic to my site certainly, but I guess I never really took full advantage of what the platform offers. I’ll certainly play around with it a bit more. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kuong

    Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for your interesting story!
    …em I also used twitter, but I don’t take much time on it. But now I think I will need to take care twitter as I take care facebook…

    Thanks… Pls keep me informed.

    • Eugene

      Thanks for stopping by Kuong. I’m in the same boat as you. Don’t pay too much attention to Twitter…but I feel like there is a lot of opportunity I am missing out on.

  3. LaRae Quy

    I never even knew about the “# Discover” option in the top menu on Twitter. I’ve used hashtags for a while now but will definitely check into this one!

    Thanks for the tip!

    • Eugene

      I think it’s something new. They recently changed up their design…I don’t remember seeing it there before. But I played around and it looks like that’s the feature you want to click on now to do the searches.

  4. Jeevanjacobjohn

    That’s smart marketing without actually marketing your product :D

    Thanks for sharing the tip and your experience, Eugene!

    It is indeed a great method to engage with other (and even get clients).

    I use Tweet deck for my all my “twittering” (Just couldn’t resist). I guess I should get back to the old Twitter to check the Discover tab. Thanks for the awesome tip,

    Jeevan Jacob John

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