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How to Get a Professional Video Spokesperson for $20

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Videos are easily one of the biggest opportunities in content marketing right now; both from a content consumption and exposure point of view.

Based on all stats and trends it would seem people, in general, prefer video content to written content (I happen to be an exception to that trend, but this isn’t about me).

But more importantly, video can get you in front of a wider audience…and it can do so very fast. Why?

Well…if we loosen our definition of “search engine” for a moment, YouTube would become the 2nd largest search engine in the world (after Google). I say loosen the definition because YouTube doesn’t index web content, but rather it is a platform that hosts its own. So it’s not really a search engine. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it has the 2nd most searches of any other website.

Oh…and it also happens to be owned by the worlds #1: Google.

With so much traffic on YouTube, and so much ad revenue potential for the Big G, Google has every reason to rank videos in the search results wherever possible.

That means with a little SEO boost, you can be ranking videos for targeted audiences pretty darn fast. Like I did with this video for the term “Cleveland SEO Company“:

Where to Find a Cheap Spokesperson

The cost of the video was surprisingly low: just $20.

Yes, it’s not a very long video. But professional spokespeople normally cost a lot more than this. So where did I find this “gig”?

If you haven’t ever visited the site, go browse around. You’ll be surprised by what some people will be willing to do for just $5 (minus fees!).

While the cost for the actual video is minimal, you still have to create a script and wait for the production which puts a bit of a delay on things.

Moreover, “extras” cost…well…extra.

So rather than just paying by the minute, you will have to pay extra for things like the logo in the background. However, if you have something like Camtasia, you can always make these edits after-the-fact. You just have to make sure to tell the video spokesperson to stand off-center in order to fit these things in.

While we did pay him for the logo, we soon realized that the white space to his side could be of better use. And I added in the benefit captions after the video had already been produced.

Pros and Cons of the Pro Video Spokesperson

Obviously price in terms of hiring a video spokesperson in this case is a big checkmark in the “pro” column. If you are looking for something affordable for a short video, Fiverr is the place to get it.

This gives your a video a bit more of a professional look, obviously. So much so, that we decided to use the video on the Blue Raven Group web redesign. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to place my non-professional video on a site’s homepage.

In some rare cases, a professional video spokesperson can actually work against you. For example, if you are running an affiliate marketing business based on product review videos, professionalism can actually work against you.

The major “con” in this case would be timing. I finished my video in one day and within 10 days it was ranking.

Alternatively, in those 10 days using a professional video spokesperson…you still wouldn’t have a finished video.

That may not seem like a big deal on the face of it, but when you are paying a monthly fee for video SEO work you want to get your results as quick as possible so you can get your ROI. My clients pay me up front before any of the work to produce and rank even begins…so they obviously want as quick a turnaround time as possible.

If you are doing all the work yourself, and have a couple of weeks that you can wait, then by all means go the professional video spokesperson route. And like I said, is a great resource for this type of work.

If you want results quicker, however, the less-polished, presentation-style video can work just fine (it has for me).

And of course, you can do both and try to rank twice :).

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