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  • Weekly RoundupThere is a lot of content on the net. It can be pretty difficult to sort through it all and figure out what’s worth spending your time on.

    I’ve written about content curation in the past, and decided to put curation into action by starting a weekly roundup post.

    This is the first one. Maybe the first of a weekly series. We’ll see if you like it :) .

    If you came across something awesome this week that you don’t see here (which is very likely) feel free to share it in the comments below.

    Cool New Tools Added to the Toolbox: 

    The first thing I want to start with this week is new tools I’m adding to the Marketing Toolbox (you can get access here). This is a list of tools that make business and marketing a bit more pain-free (we have plenty to worry about as is. So here we go…


    Stealth Seminar – Webinars can have some of the highest conversion rates in terms of sales and marketing tactics online. But they take time. Stealth Seminar allows you to automate your webinars so that they can be doing the work for  you while you…well…while you do whatever it is you’re doing.

    There is certainly value to live webinars, but there is something to be said for automation as well. Once you have your content down, and can pretty much answer any questions people might have in advance, this can be a very powerful tool.


    Social Mention - Social mention allows you to search what’s going on in social media in real time. You can find topics of interest or even brand mentions. This tool also allows you to set up alerts. For example, you can set up daily alerts about mentions of your business.


    Screenfly - People can access your website from a whole array of different devices, with different dimensions and different resolutions. You want to do your best to accommodate all of them. Screenfly is a nifty little tool that allows you to any website on a huge range of devices. Content Strategy Hub is responsive…so it was definitely fun watching the dimensions adjust based on the device.


    4 Outside-the-Box Link Building Tactics - Point Blank SEO publishes a lot of really useful and creative SEO methods. This one features four really smart link building methods. And the insight about using infographics for links…brilliant! This is also a post by Brian Dean from Backlinko (as you will see he took over this week’s SEO section).


    Steal Your SEO Competition’s #1 Google rank – A Guide to Reverse Engineering - This is a guest post by Alex Whalley on Traffic Generation Cafe. If you are struggling to beat out your competitors for higher rankings in Google then you should check out this post. It’s a great guide about reverse engineering their SEO so that you can do the same (and better).


    The Ultimate Guide to Link Building- Andrew Palmer created one amazing guide with this post. It comes in at over 11,000 words. I’m pretty sure that just reading this one guide will put you well ahead of 99% of the population in terms of SEO knowledge.


    17 Untapped Backlink Sources - Backlinks are pretty much the lifeblood of off-page SEO. This is another post by Brian Dean that reveals some very interesting backlinking options that most people aren’t talking about.


    Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List – As I had already mentioned, Brian Dean took over the SEO section this week. This is a monster post listing 202 factors that might play into Google rankings. If you’re an SEO junkie then you’ll definitely want to check this out. If not, then this can get overwhelming. Quite honestly, I loves me some SEO…but there is not way that I would ever act on 202 factors. The pot is impressive though and well worth the read.

    General Marketing

    10 Inbound Discoveries That Will Disrupt Marketing Forever [New Report] – This is a post filled with insights and statistics from HubSpot. As always, I’m very weary of stats. And a claim that something might disrupt marketing forever is always a bit shaky. Marketing is marketing…it’s all a matter of the channels you choose. That being said, I’m obviously a fan of inbound. And it can obviously work when done right, and for the right audience. So check this out.


    How to Become the #1 Expert in Your Industry - Steve Gordon interviews Kyle Hunt on the importance of picking a niche (along with other great marketing insights). Kyle is arguably the #1 marketing expert for the remodeling industry…so he might know a thing or two about the topic. Definitely worth a listen!


    3 Tips for More Effective Content Marketing Visuals - This post on the Content Marketing Institute blog explains how to create effective visuals. But the real value here is that it hits on the core of why images are so important to us as humans. We’re talking important in the evolutionary sense…so check this out.


    7,000 Newsletter Subscribers from 1 YouTube Video - Any post that begins by quoting Ron Swanson is a winner in my book. But this has some great content to follow too. This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti. If you recall, I shared his video in my last post about business productivity. Well this post outlines the results of the video (a lot of subscribers), how he did it and why it worked. There is also a pretty brilliant insight about controversy.


    5 Principles of Persuasive Web Design - Peep runs one of the best blogs online in my opinion. If you aren’t reading it, you should be. It’s on a short list of “must read” blogs for me. This post is epic (much like the others he creates). As the title says, it talks about creating websites that persuade people to take action.


    10 Ways to Create High Converting Headlines – We all know the importance of headlines. Great headlines grab attention. But that also means that great headlines impact your bottom line. This post from QuickSprout shares 10 ways to create headlines that increase your conversions.


    Six Pro Copywriter Tips to Make Your Copy as Strong as Possible - There are few names bigger in the Copywriting than Dan Kennedy. So when something about copywriting is posted to his GKIC blog, I tend to read it. I really liked the insight here about doing two different types of editing for your copy.

    Affiliate Marketing

    The Ultimate Guide to Making an Affiliate Income from Your Blog - Ramsay Taplin (The Blog Tyrant) guest posts on ViperChill here. Apparently he is the only person to have ever guest posted on ViperChill, so you know the content is likely to be good. And it is. If you’re into affiliate marketing, this one is worth a read for sure.


    That rounds up our first weekly digest. What did you think? Was this useful? Should I continue with these on a weekly basis? have anything I missed that you would like to share? Comment below and let me know.


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    1. Robert Connor says:

      Thanks Eugene for the study guides-Have a great day on purpose1

    2. Sally Stanier says:

      Thank you for pulling this together. It was really useful.

    3. Weekly Marketing Skinny: May 4, 2013 says:

      [...] Weekly Roundup: Marketing Goodies & Tools to Simplify Your Life – Eugene Farber at www.contentstrategyhub.com [...]

    4. Leonard Rogers says:

      Yes, yes… I know. What makes content marketing different is that it doesn’t necessarily have to acquire a link to be considered content marketing and drive customers. I.e. if you publish a killer piece of content on Mashable, without a link – but a highly themed brand mention that causes consumers to seek you out, then you’re doing “content marketing”. Actually, there was already a word for that in the SEO world. It’s an unlinked “co-occurrence”. Unlinked mention of your URL? We had a word for that too – a “citation”. On site content marketing can help convert customers. We’ve long referred to that as conversion optimization.

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