• 2012 has come and gone and we are now into a new year. This is usually the time that people start planning and setting goals for the year to come. So what better time is there to share with you something that can make this your most successful year ever?

    To do that you need to have a strategy; a plan of action. And I’ve brought someone on board that can show you exactly how to build a thriving business online in 2013. And we’re doing it in a live training on January 7th.

    This is not one to miss! 

    You can be sure he knows what he’s talking about…because he has done it himself.

    Two years ago nobody knew his name. And now he is a household name. I’m talking about Danny Iny, of course.

    Starting form scratch, in that short period of time…

    1. He is now sought after by top-tier clients who pay five-figures to work with him. In some cases, they’ll pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of flying to work with him for a couple of days at his location.
    2. After being asked repeatedly, he launched a training program called Write Like Freddy early last year, and now has over 800 students (the program costs $137, so do the math!). By the way, given the fact that I gave Danny the “Freddy” nickname, I’m quite fond of the name of the course :) .
    3. He got 30 of the biggest stars in the industry (like Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark, Mitch Joel and many others) to contribute to his book, self-published it, and watched it become an Amazon best-seller, with over 100 glowing reviews, read by over 20,000 people.
    4. He’s been invited to speak at major conferences across the United States and Canada about his areas of expertise, and is regularly interviewed and quoted by top-tier media.

    During this live training Danny is going to show you how did all these things – and how you can do it too!

    You can register for the training here.

    Which of these Four Things would You Like?

    During the live training Danny will also show you how to accomplish one (or all) of the following goals:

    1. More and Better Clients. Flip the table. Stop looking for clients and have them chasing after you…the kind of clients you want to work with; the type of clients that pay better.
    2. A Ton of Product Sales. Want your audience to tell you exactly what they want to buy from you and have them line up to buy it before you even open the cart? Danny will show you how to do it.
    3. A Bestselling Book. Nothing says “expert” like a bestselling book. But instead of throwing proposal after proposal at publishers, you can have your audience pay your book – and propel it to bestseller status.
    4. Invitations to Speak at Major Events. Stop chasing after opportunities to get in front of an audience, and start having opportunities chase you. It’s a lot more exciting, and less stressful, when you are getting invited! It’s also more fun when you’re getting paid for it :) .

    So if any of those are on your bucket list for 2013, you can get working on it early!

    Click here to register for the live event.

    See you there!


    2 Responses to What It’s Going to Take to Build a Thriving Business Online in 2013

    1. Paul Profitt says:

      Hi Eugene,I have heard of Danny Iny, as a matter of fact I am already signed up to his news-letter but. I haven’t tried his training program yet,but it does look very impressive.

      • Eugene Farber says:

        Hey Paul, thanks for dropping by. I think you should definitely sign up for this one. I’ve hosted a webinar with Danny before and he always over-delivers. And it looks like this is going to be one of his best events yet.

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